mercredi 5 octobre 2016

What I hated in scientology !

I was believer from 1987 to 2012. I was on staff at an org for 5 years, held several posts.

Here are some of the things I hated.

I hated thurs 2pm end of week.
I hated writing up my post condition right after that.
I hated staff musters in the morning.
I hated "make it go right" while on staff to get my stats up when I had to use my own free time or my own money.

I hated ruds at the beginning of every auditing session.
I hated squeeze the cans, and take a nap to get sessionable.
I hated seeing the reg or EO.

I hated repeatative questions during auditing when I answered the god damn question like a million times already.
I hated having to mock-up a win.

I hated IAS events.

I hated SO missions that came into the org. Everyone of them SO people were soul-less and a pain in the ass.

I got's more..............lots more.
What I hated in scientology !

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