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Scientology has Declared Lois Reisdorf and her husband Suppressive Persons

The Church of Scientology has Declared Lois Reisdorf and her husband Suppressive Persons. Her youngest son is Scientology Disconnected.

As indicated by the title, the following article addresses much more than Scientology Suppressive Person Doctrine and Disconnection, and should be read in full. I will excerpt only some material concerning the Scientology Suppressive Person and Disconnection Orders.
Mike Rinder: Fleecing The Sheeple:omg:

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This article is written by Lois (Jory) Reisdorf. She was one of the original Commodore’s Messengers aboard the Apollo, and I have known her and her husband Gary since being shipmates together back in the 70’s. They left the Sea Org in the 80’s, raised 3 boys and were off anyone’s radar screen. Scientology managed, as it so often does, to poke the sleeping lioness and steal one of her cubs. More on that story will be forthcoming, along with some fascinating insights into the early days of the Sea Org and L. Ron Hubbard and on up through the rise of David Miscavige. For now, this will serve as an introduction to Lowie (as she has always been affectionately known), who with her South African heritage (and still the slightest of accents), red hair and fierce protectiveness has always evoked images of a lioness in my mind.


This is a story of how the Church fleeces it’s sheeple into donating towards buildings. There are many stories I have to tell about my life and what has happened to us and they will come out slowly, but due to the recent post of the Valley OTC Minutes, I just had to get this story out as it is so apropos.

To make a long story very short, I am a 2nd generation ex-Scientologist and hence 2 of my sons became 3rd generation Scion’s. However this happened to them later in life — in their 20’s — as I did not bring them up as Scion’s, it happened due to certain circumstances and these stories will come out. Our eldest son never got involved.

Our youngest son has disconnected from all of us in the family and we have not heard from him in almost 2 years. At this point he is a lost cause. However our middle son was also involved and luckily for us we managed to get him out and that is also another story in and of itself, which will come out later, however I want to recount the fleecing he experienced:

My husband and I were finally declared in January of this year and luckily our middle son was realizing what he was involved with and basically told the ethics officer to F….off when they wanted him to disconnect from us. He was staff at our local org. He worked madly at the org and also endured over 800 hours of the new SRD (Survival Rundown), so he was basically there all day and evenings. He lived at home and we supported him and made sure we did not discourage him from being at the org, as we did not want to lose him……from 2012 onwards it has been an anxious time for us.

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Scientology has Declared Lois Reisdorf and her husband Suppressive Persons

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