lundi 17 octobre 2016

Can someone help with my relationship issues please? Sci/Non Sci breakup

First post but by no means a troll...just a super sad ex boyfriend wondering if anyone could help shed some light on the demise of my realtionship with my Scientologist girlfriend.

I have never been involved in Scientology nor would I ever. At age 33 I have been witness to so much of the mainstream media coverage on thew ill's and destruction the church can cause. I met a girl a girl in LA a year ago and we had an amazing magnetic chemistry from the start. I might add she is the most beautiful girl in the world in my opinion. Super model looks. This only makes it all harder.

She is 28 and was adopted into very prominent scientology family and was put through all the schooling (Delphi, somehwere in London etc.) and was on course until about 3-4 years ago. Her parents were huge donors with deep deep ties and I have know idea how that affected her upbringing or development. I believe one is OT6 and one is OT8

Early in the realtionship, she slipped during a night of drinking and said " Well you'll think were all crazy cause we're Scientologist's" ... being very intersested and falling for her I figured we could make it work anyway. I was hesistant but blind in love.

Now while she has a huge network of mostly Scientologist friends, many have gone clear, some have recently reached OT3...She has expressed no desire for the bridge or to commint big money to following the path. Her last work was years ago. She has no problem with my non interest and even says she prefers to get out opf the incestuous dating circle in LA of young Scientologists hence choosing me.

I had expressed my criticisms, asked her questions, asked about OT3 which she doesnt know about despite her family and friends but shes never been ok with talking much about it.

In any case, communivation has never been easy. Normal talks are often treated like attacks or arguments. Shes very defensive and somewhat unstable at times and I'm wondering what correlation to the up bringing there may be. If I'm honest her 24-25 years in the church havent helped her deal with any of the intense and difficult events shes encountored in her life and she is easily overwhelmed.

I loved her imensely and the attraction is phenomenal. We have fun and enjoy the same things. However, she has called it quits saying I've been too critcal...essentially trying to figure out why she acts the way she does sometimes and self medicates so heavily with alcohol. Despite the isssues I just love her.

I'm trying to figure out if it was always doomed and on a ticking clock based on her ties, family and the way she was raised. Often emotionaly unavailbe and semi unstable at times. Very hot and cold. We were discussing moving in togther and she makes jokes about marriage.

Her mother even loved me and didnt care that I was not a scientologist or cared to be one.

I guess I'm just wondering if it's not possible to last in the long run being raised so differently with differnent ways to look at life. We know a couple who are married with kids (One very high Sci / one non involved).

Looking for answers to help me through the pain cause I do love her so much. Happy to share more. Any thoughts are welcome.

Btw, she states that she'll never disconnect from me because she loves me and I've been a great person in her life. All very confusing.

Thank you

Can someone help with my relationship issues please? Sci/Non Sci breakup

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