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Leah Remini's Scientology memoir Troublemaker is in at least 690 libraries

Leah Remini's Scientology memoir Troublemaker is in at least 690 libraries.

Libraries are the gift that keep on giving.

Troublemaker is in a total of at least 690 libraries in one form or the other: au:Remini&qt=advanced&dblist=638

... before the release of the paperback.
Leah Remini's Scientology memoir Troublemaker is in at least 690 libraries

Scientology selling buildings

Bought an office building for 7 million USD:

Selling for 10 million USD:
Scientology selling buildings

Mockingbird's Greatest Hits

I would hesitate to ever call my lil' vanity blog great, but it is a site primarily about Scientology. And I have found people most interested in and helped by a few of the nearly two hundred posts available. So I will try to refer to those in a top twenty countdown. Obviously your enjoyment may vary.

Mockingbird's Greatest Hits
I have reached nearly two hundred posts online and thousands of comments as well. In looking back at all that I realized a very small number of posts have been consistently the most viewed and likely most helpful for people seeking to understand Scientology.

I certainly hope they are helping people. Here I will try to present the short list of the posts that best explain my ideas and can introduce you to information that I hope will help begin beneficial examination of Scientology.

1)Insidious Enslavement: Study Technology

2)Basic Introduction To Hypnosis in Scientology

3)Pissed It's Not Your Fault !!!

4)The Secret Of Scientology Part 1 Control Via Contradiction

5)Burning Down Hell - How Commands Are Hidden, Varied And Repeated To Control You As Hypnotic Implants

6)Why Hubbard Never Claimed OT Feats And The Rock Bottom Basis Of Scientology

7)A Million Years In Hell

8-10)OT III And Beyond: Sources Plagiarized From Part 1, 2 and 3



11)Propaganda By Reversal Of Meaning In Scientology

12)Scientology's Parallel In Nature - Malignant Narcissism

13)OT VIII Delusion Fulfilled

14)There Is No Irony In Scientology

15 - 16)Why Lying And Murder Are Justified In Scientology part 1 and 2

17)Unraveling Scientology - A Missing Vital Ingredient

18)Loving A Lie

19)Two Roads

20)Orders Of Magnitude Part 1

These twenty posts have been both popular and give a very good grounding in many of my ideas on Scientology.

Obviously series on particular issues like the Building The Prison Of The Mind series as an example address specific topics in depth. That serves to equal a book in length over several posts. That example takes on Leon Festinger's essential book A Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance and takes on Scientology in reference to that book. Another series as an example is Pulling Back The Curtain which took on the excellent social psychology text Age Of Propaganda and Scientology.

For fans of social psychology and cognitive dissonance theory I sincerely hope those series are helpful and do justice to the books I consulted. I really recommend those books for education on Scientology and cults.

But this top twenty is meant to give the most essential posts to know what I have to say and who I am. It has my past, detailed information on my observations and hypotheses regarding Scientology and what it is, attempts to dissect it and identify the methods Ron Hubbard used, and ideas on recovery from Scientology.

I sincerely hope this continues to help people and whether a book is forthcoming or not that this information finds a much wider audience. I have been fortunate enough to have my posts viewed over four hundred and fifty thousand times between this blog and ESMB (ex-Scientologist Message Board). I hope it helps thousands of ex cult members to recover and people who are never in cults to understand how Scientology works and how to help people understand and recover from abuse.

I didn't realize so many views had occurred and knew it might have been tens of thousands, maybe a hundred. But I didn't realize the views just keep adding up and up.

Now I am just a small fry if compared to Tory Christman who has millions of views of her YouTube videos, or which has millions of views or for comparison The Young Turks who have two BILLION views online. With a B. They are just internet news.

And many people have never heard of them !
So there's plenty of room to grow.

So, thank you to the people who have viewed my posts and please, please share them with anyone they can help.
Mockingbird's Greatest Hits

Auditing needs to be available at affordable prices

I have decided that auditing is over priced. LRH originally wanted auditing to be affordable. The CofS prices are ridiculous and Independent prices were lower but still far too high.
Most people are easy to audit. Review auditing requires more skill but is still not that difficult.
Auditors are mostly not the sort of people who want to live in mansions.
Some people run better with short sessions and some with longer sessions.
I have evauated my finances and worked out that I can comfortably survive charging €35 per hour plus €5 per session which balances things out.
Let us see how it works. I'm offering auditing at the above price for January.

In the longer term I would like to reduce auditing prices further. The CofS exists with 10+ admin staff for every auditor. That is absurd.

Quite a few Independents have inflated prices based on their status as a "Class 12" or "Class 8" or whatever.

I am ending that now. I have 35+ years experience as an auditor mostly working independently.

Scientology succeeded when it was affordable. Most who left the CofS had little auditing.
Auditing needs to be available at affordable prices

Mean to me

Music to leave the cult behind ! bye !!!

Mean to me

Happy New Year, 2016!

I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year.

As for me, I was busy following my passions---until they all got restraining orders on me.

I did have a little excitement recently. A burglar quietly enter my house at 3 a.m. one morning. My wife beat the hell out of him. She thought it was me.

I took my wife to the mall before Christmas, but I didn't have an exit strategy. In the shoe store I asked the clerk if the store has loafers. He replied, "Yes we do." So I asked him if he could get one of them to wait on me.

Just before Christmas my nephew visited us while on leave from the army. I asked him if they gave him a commission. He said, "No, just a straight salary." I asked him if they decorated him. He replied, "No, but they cleaned me up pretty good."

My wife said that our local bank was looking for a new teller. I asked her, "Didn't they just hire a new teller last week?" She replied, "Yeah. That's the one they're looking for."

My credit with that bank isn't so great. They offered me a new toaster if I would close my account.

My jokes are old. Some of them are so old they're collecting Social Security. Some are so bad they're collecting disability.

Happy New Year!

The Anabaptist Jacques
Happy New Year, 2016!

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Independent Scientology Religious Liberty League: The Free Practice of Scientology

Independent Scientology Religious Liberty League: The Free Practice of Scientology.

Independent Scientology Religious Liberty League: The Free Practice of Scientology

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

The Free Practice of Scientology

Posted On: 26 Dec 2015

By: admin

The best way to practice Scientology is to do so openly… as a religion.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution recognizes the inalienable right to freely practice one’s religion and prohibits the government from establishing (or favoring) one religion over another.

The scriptures for the Scientology religion are the writings and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard on the subject. Because Scientology by definition is a highly skilled applied technology comprised of precisely worded counseling processes, use of these materials (Scientology’s “scripture”) is vital to the practice of the religion. Any writings and lectures other than those of L. Ron Hubbard, or variations and alterations by others, are not Scientology.

The use of source materials in a religious setting likely will be legally sanctioned, at least in the United States, so long as it is clear to the general public that you are not affiliated with or sanctioned by Church of Scientology International (CSI). David Miscavige cannot dictate by arbitrary decree who can and who cannot practice the religion; he can only control membership in his church. For the courts to uphold his edicts would be tantamount to the government limiting the right to practice Scientology to those approved by Miscavige.

The Religious Liberty League has multiple law firms on retainer for the express purpose of protecting the free practice of Scientology. We encourage practitioners to notify us if you receive a cease and desist letter or other legal threat from Religious Technology Center (RTC, the holder of Scientology trademarks and trade secrets) or Church of Spiritual Technology (CST, the owner of LRH copyrights).

The legal issues involved are complex, but the battle to break the Scientology monopoly can be won – and must be, in order to preserve the technology that has been altered inside the church, producing tech failures by the score and, significantly, are not producing real OTs.[1] (How can one who has ceased to look and think for himself possibly achieve such a high state of spiritual awareness?)

The church no longer offers the original OT levels, which attracted tens if not hundreds of thousands of people into Scientology in the late 1960s, and the church hasn’t offered them since the late 1970s, giving them a fleeting existence. Could their introduction explain the heavy counter-intelligence campaign waged against the church? The Guardians Office – the management counter balance to the Sea Organization – was heavily infiltrated by government intelligence agencies, weakened and made vulnerable to a takeover by David Miscavige. The culture of criminality inside the G.O. was “rolled back” by an internal investigation to two major figures (neither of whom were indicted) and then the matter was dropped. All this is described in the book, Arrows in the Dark. Did the government install “their man”? Will the original OT levels rise again? In a big way, we mean, with a strong movement behind them.

We’re sure we speak for many Scientologists practicing the religion outside the church when we say that users of copyrighted and trademarked materials (i.e., scripture) are willing to provide legal consideration for their use. In legal terms, many users are willing to enter into license agreements – provided sufficient protections for independence are assured. (We have a framework in mind that has a chance for success, but it is premature to discuss.)

The simple fact is that no person or agency less than God can dictate who can practice this or any other religion. History has proven this fundamental truth. It now repeats itself.

At some point, however, the window for reconciliation will close and the church of Scientology, like the Roman Catholic Church before it, will splinter into a thousand pieces.

And history will record that it occurred on the watch of David Miscavige and the special directors of CST who enabled him and breached their fiduciary duties in the process: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence Heller, and Monique Yingling (successor to one of the latter two.)

[1] OT stands for Operating Thetan. In Scientology thetan means spirit or soul in other religions. In Scientology you are the soul. You don’t have one. The state of Operating Thetan refers to a state of awareness of his spiritual self and the ability to operate free of the body, the body’s limited senses (e.g., sight through eyes, etc.) and ability (e.g., physical mobility, etc.)

* * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
Independent Scientology Religious Liberty League: The Free Practice of Scientology

New Scientology Clear and OT Bracelets

New Scientology Clear and OT Bracelets.

Clear Bracelet Prices: $500 for small, $600 for medium, $700 for small.

Also, a brand new OT Bracelet has been created which is available only to new OT VIIII completions.

There are two editions of the OT Bracelet: one in 10 karat gold, and one in vermeil gold (i.e., solid sterling coated with a thick layer of gold).

Mike Rinder: The Latest Con

Mike helpfully explains:

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

In “celebration” of the “golden” age of tech, they have issued NEW Clear and OT bracelets — “in accordance with LRH’s precise instructions.” Of course, they cost an arm and a leg. But tough. It’s all justified when it is making “planetary clearing a reality.”

The old ones are no good any more.

And Colin Davie, the robot mouthpiece for all things moneymaking, doesn’t seem to notice the astonishing irony of the quote he selects.

Apparently L. Ron Hubbard himself personally decreed the issuance of Clear and OT bracelets. You can see PLENTY of photos of him sporting his very own clear bracelet.

So, this quote from 1966 is now put forth to explain that the exact clear bracelets that Hubbard initiated, and have been used for 50 years are now no longer being used and “new” ones have been issued. And the justification for cancelling the 1966 version and replacing with the 2015 version is the quote from 1966 about how L. Ron Hubbard created the bracelets.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

New Scientology Clear and OT Bracelets

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Wired Italy: Scientology is in crisis?

Wired Italy: Scientology is in crisis?

Google translation from Italian to English.


Scientology is in crisis?

Despite recent inaugurations Pharaonic, the church founded by Ron Hubbard seems entered a period of crisis. Russia and Belgium have launched new offensives courts, while in Europe the membership would be now in free fall

"Our new renaissance will start in Milan." Thus spake David Miscavige, leader of the international Church of Scientology was on 31 October, and the organization founded by L. Ron Hubbard inaugurated in Viale Fulvio Testi its biggest European headquarters - four buildings, the highest of five levels, ten thousand square meters, ample underground parking, an actual value of about twenty million. "This is another historic achievement in a year of unprecedented progress for the Scientology religion," pompously announces the website of the congregation, in a flurry of snapshots photoshopped, crucifixes and bright video apologetic. But is this true? It is really all that glitters is gold?

Despite the inevitable press bombastic, religion Tom Cruise and John Travolta is going through a period of profound crisis, which could even turn - in the coming months - in a real Caporetto.

Recently, the federal prosecutor's office in Brussels called for the dissolution of the local offices of Scientology. The charges: conspiracy, fraud, illegal practice of medicine, violations of privacy and extortion. Scientologists Belgians are in the dock for publishing fake jobs in order to recruit new members - a practice that the northern European authorities do not intend to take too lightly. "We will go to court to head up - they did know Hubbard's followers -. We will ask for recognition of our fundamental rights." The question, however, could prove more complicated than expected, also because, according to an investigation by the Guardian, its head office in Belgium would finance and logistics of all other European subsidiaries of Scientology. If it were destroyed, the consequences would be devastating.

Meanwhile, about two thousand kilometers to the east, in Putin's Russia, the Moscow court ordered the dissolution of the local church headquarters, accepting a request from the Ministry of Justice. Scientology - according to officials of the Kremlin - it would not be a real entity Spiritual, but rather a registered trademark, and therefore would not qualify to be within the rules provided in the Constitution on the freedom of religion.
The tremendous 1:00 to 2:00 judiciary was taken up by newspapers around Europe. Yet it would be only the tip of the iceberg: according to industry experts, the crisis of Scientology has lasted several years, regardless of judges and magistrates.

"The latest official figures for Italy date back to 2007. They were branched from the Notebooks of freedom, a newsletter within the organization, and they talked about 9,892 followers
- says Simonetta Po, founder and administrator of the largest Italian portal dedicated to the US organization , Scientology -. In 2009, the church has experienced a major schism, with the release of a large group of old scienologisti, so-called independent directors, who, in opposition to Miscavige, believe that the current leadership has betrayed the teachings of Hubbard . Economic crisis and bad publicity did the rest: how many people today would be willing to spend their savings in auditing, improvement courses and other initiatives of Scientology? ".

From them, the followers of the controversial organization overseas, however, have two major advantages: an endless disposable income, the result of many decades of alms billionaire, and an undeniable talent for everything related to marketing. "Scientology tip opening of large venues, such as Milan, because this enables it to secure the attention of the press - continues Po -. These are called Org ideals, designed by Miscavige in the early twenty-first century. In Italy there are now two more, in Rome and Padua, and many more have been opened in major European cities. However, once the initial hype, they inevitably tend to empty, and the same applies to small local missions, which often are even closed. "

The much-vaunted renaissance Hubbard, in short, seems more than ever a utopia, at least in our country. "The reality is that Scientology is in crisis everywhere, both in Europe and in the United States. The only positive data coming from the former Soviet bloc, the states of the East and Asia, "said Po. In other words: the next Tom Cruise may have slanted eyes. Certainly, however, he will not speak Milan.


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.png

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License .
Wired Italy: Scientology is in crisis?

Moscow Scientologist defrauded apartment buyers of millions of rubles

Translation of a Russian article posted on December 29, 2015 on the news website:


Scientologist swindler defrauded shareholders of millions of rubles

Reporter: Aleksey Nikolaev

A follower of the Church of Scientology sold unsuspecting citizens non-existent housing units in the suburbs of Moscow. The swindler created a firm with the suggestive name "Vash Dom" ("Your Home") and announced the sale of real estate in several areas of the region. Over a hundred trusting people fell victim to the fraud.

Sergei was looking for a cheaper apartment, and he found one — in a quiet Moscow suburb with a view of a forest and every convenience. For three million rubles, he was promised not just a brick box, but finishes, bathroom fixtures, and a parking space. Today, Sergei has neither his money nor any of these home comforts. Even the walls will soon disappear, because the construction has been declared illegal and will consequently be demolished.

There are many such housing projects in the Odintsovo district. In these projects, non-existent apartments are not only being sold, but also resold. The defrauded shareholders learned whom they were dealing with only from the documents of the criminal case. It turns out that the developer is a follower of the so-called Church of Scientology.

According to investigators, Alexander Tkachenko duped more than a hundred persons. Not a single kopek is left in his accounts. He apparently used the money for the development of the Scientology movement rather than for the cooperative.

Scientology is based on the teachings of the American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. In some countries it has managed to officially achieve the status of a religion, for example in the USA, where the organization's headquarters are located. Experts on cults warn that it is an opium of the people, because once a person joins Scientology, it is almost impossible to break free.
Scientology service completions: Alexander Tkachenko

Courtroom scenes from the NTV news video report:
Attached Thumbnails
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Moscow Scientologist defrauded apartment buyers of millions of rubles

Celebrity Cause / effect

Tom Cruise Leaves Scientology!! Far fetched? Maybe. But what about Travota and Preston?

I am issuing a challenge - what would be the cause and effect if a celebrity of your choosing blew.

For example John and Kelly.

Here's the cause: Lets say one fine day they realize they have been had, but more than that: Used. Used. Used. Used to fly VM's to Haiti only for photo ops. Used only to fly VMs to New Orleans for photo ops, and NONE of the money collected ended up in the peoples hands who needed it. None of the money they personally donated was ever used for anything promised either. The mists of koolaid part, and they are pissed.

So Kelly says to Miscavage "we want to get reimbursed for all the jet fuel, the flight crew, the maintenance on the planes etc. that you stroked us for"

The effect: Miscavage tells them to "F off, you ain't getting shit, and by the way, y'all need sec checks" which becomes a new cause and puts them at effect. But now they read Leah's book and a few others, and "gird their loins" to regain a position of cause.

What do they do next?

Celebrity Cause / effect

Milestone Two says people lose interest in Scientology because it works too well

Independent Scientology Milestone Two says people lose interest in Scientology because it works too well.

Yet another way to make the hypothesis "Scientology works" non-falsifiable (see also here).

Yet another excuse.

If only Scientology wasn't so damn effective, it would be more popular and have more members.

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

People who lose interest in Scn

By Lana M

There are many, many people who come into Scientology, read some books, get some auditing and then drift off and are never heard of again.

You could be lead to believe that these people are unhappy or dissatisfied with the results they got, and thus left. Certainly there have been campaigns at various points that the numbers of people that have been involved in Scientology over the years is not reflected in the numbers that are seen in present time (whether that is in orgs, or in the field, or where ever). The false datum that is pushed is that people do not continue with Scientology as they are unhappy with results or that the tech does not deliver results– but routinely that is not the case. They came into Scientology with a problem, or something they wanted handled. They handled it, and then went off to continue their life – often with a very broad smile on their face.

There is a classic story of a lady who I was introduced to who I was told had read a few Scn books and had had some Dianetic auditing on a major ruin/incident in her life. I was told she was not interested in Scientology and in fact was somewhat hostile to it, so I was surprised when she showed up at a gathering at my place and was cheerfully talking to others and seemed to be very at ease and comfortable.

I invited for her for a walk, and as we moved around the property I made sure she understood that I was a Scientologist and that we deliver both auditing and training, and if she was uncomfortable with that, it was OK, I was not going to try and audit her, or make her do something she was not wanting to do — and I wanted to be upfront and find out what her objections or upset with Scientology was. She completely surprised me and told me that the auditing she had had was wonderful and changed her life, and that she had read ALL the basic books and they make sense to her, and what she was trying to solve now was how to go exterior again (as she had gone outside her body a few years ago and was fascinated by what had occurred and wanted to learn more about it and how it is done).

This was a person who I had been lead to believe had received some auditing and had no desire for any more, and who was supposidly borderline anti-Scientology. Nope. Not at all.

I am convinced there are many, many people who have come into Scientology, read a few books or did some courses, received some auditing and handled what they were worried about, or anxious about. Then they headed back off into the world to continue life. That is a good indicator. That is a product well achieved, and the fact that they have not continued up The Bridge to the very top is really not the issue or a problem. Scientology technology helped them and they have then gone off that little bit more at cause, less restimulated and more able. They were brought up the Tone Scale and life improved for them. And if they wanted to return, the door is open for them to do so.

That is what Scientology is actually all about.

I have run into many of these people. Some have been off-lines for more than 20 or 30+ years. They moved countries, or got a new job doing something very different, or they drifted off and had not come back into Scientology – but you talk to them about their auditing or gains and their faces light up and they talk about how good it was. One man I spoke to had been on staff for many years but never really had any auditing or training. He routed off staff after some 10 years and now successfully works in a large marketing firm and does not plan to do any more Scientology. I asked him what he attributes his success at this new job to, and without hesitation he said it was the training and knowledge he gained as a staff member and as detailed in the Management Series, that has made him such a dynamo in his current role. He had only ever done the Purif, and I asked him how that went and he grinned and started telling me about the great gains he had, and how it changed his life. He has no plans to continue with Scientology at this time – he is happy and living life. He has lost interest. But to use him as a statistic that proves that Scientology is “bad” certainly aint right, as he is living proof that the tech does work, does improve lives and helps people become more able and more at Cause.

“We all want a “royal road” to Clear, but anybody who believes that full progress to Clear is a short and easy one is making a mistake which will cause him disappointment.

“What you should realize is that about half the way up from release to Clear the case is de-intensified to such an enormous extent that the person has to think a couple of times to remember that he is still a therapy patient.

‘He gets up so high that sometimes it requires somebody else’s attention on the subject in order to take him all the way through. The material no longer even interests him. The whole engram bank is deintensified, and you have to keep alert to the subject if you want to get the case all the way through.

‘The person feels good. He doesn’t get tired. He feels able to cope with things.”

LRH lecture called General discussion of Auditing, on 31 August 1950

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
Milestone Two says people lose interest in Scientology because it works too well

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Scientology whistle-blower Leah Remini recording her first podcast to air in February

Scientology whistle-blower Leah Remini recording her first podcast to air in February.

Attached Images
Scientology whistle-blower Leah Remini recording her first podcast to air in February

Scientology wants YOU to borrow money to contribute to the Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology wants YOU to borrow money to contribute to Scientology.

From Mike Rinder. Please go to Mike's post for his full analysis.

Scientology Fundraising — The Reality

Attached Images
Scientology wants YOU to borrow money to contribute to the Church of Scientology

the vaults are full of confidential confessional folders

so like everything in scientology, the real purpose is a secret, and we expose the truth

the real purpose for the vaults imo isn't to store the scripture, it's to store blackmail, money, hide people like shelly and to give them time to shred paper if needed

the reason the church used bank vaults was to store "confidential" confessional material for blackmail, storing "b1" folders

flynn talking about guardian office orders on collecting confessional materials

there are many other anecdotes and videos about this type of thing, holding people, shredding evidence, hoarding money, hoarding confessional material
the vaults are full of confidential confessional folders

Entire Northern California NarCONon Network Kicks Scientology Addiction.

News from Bunker this morning:


Confirmed: Narconon’s entire Northern California network splits with Scientology

Last month, we told you that Scientology leader David Miscavige was in the process of detonating and rebirthing his drug rehab network, Narconon. He’s opening new centers around the world, and the existing centers are being given an ultimatum: Get with the new program and be more tightly managed by Scientology itself, or get out.

One sign of that, we said, was that the Northern California network of Narconon centers had quietly changed the names of its clinics while leaving the Scientology fold. One of our expert sources had noticed that change at the website for the network (which is now calling itself Elevate Addiction Services), and he told us it was strong proof that the Northern California clinics had flown the coop.

Now, we have more confirmation of that, but also a really interesting view of what was happening behind the scenes.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Dave Touretzky recently sent us a copy of an email he received from California attorney John P. Hannon II. <snip>

Full Story:

Entire Northern California NarCONon Network Kicks Scientology Addiction.

Entire Northern California NarCONon Networks Kicks Scientology Addiction.

News from Bunker this morning:


Confirmed: Narconon’s entire Northern California network splits with Scientology

Last month, we told you that Scientology leader David Miscavige was in the process of detonating and rebirthing his drug rehab network, Narconon. He’s opening new centers around the world, and the existing centers are being given an ultimatum: Get with the new program and be more tightly managed by Scientology itself, or get out.

One sign of that, we said, was that the Northern California network of Narconon centers had quietly changed the names of its clinics while leaving the Scientology fold. One of our expert sources had noticed that change at the website for the network (which is now calling itself Elevate Addiction Services), and he told us it was strong proof that the Northern California clinics had flown the coop.

Now, we have more confirmation of that, but also a really interesting view of what was happening behind the scenes.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Dave Touretzky recently sent us a copy of an email he received from California attorney John P. Hannon II. <snip>

Full Story:

Entire Northern California NarCONon Networks Kicks Scientology Addiction.

dimanche 27 décembre 2015

Tom Cruise Selling Countryside Estate

Tom Cruise Selling U.K. Countryside Estate

SELLER: Tom Cruise
LOCATON: Dormans Park, East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK
PRICE: £4,950,000
SIZE: 11,331 square feet, 5-6 bedrooms, 5 full and 2 half bathrooms plus staff accommodations


A stately drive passes though electronically operated gates monitored — natch — by a camera-equipped security system and snakes its way across the verdant, 14.2-acre spread’s manicured grounds before it arrives at a substantial motor court at the front of the red brick main residence. Built brand new in 2003 on the site of a pre-existing Victorian residence, the four-floor mansion measures in at a considerable 11,331-square feet with five to six bedrooms and five full and three half bathrooms. A short entry vestibule leads to a wide foyer that shares a bowed wall with a vast, 900-plus-square-foot step-down living room that features a bow-fronted fireplace and a curved bay window with French doors to the rear terrace. To one side of the central living room there’s a library/study and a secondary living room and on the other side there’s a compact family room that might be best suited for use as a formal dining room as well as a roomy if somewhat ordinary looking kitchen that opens over a long peninsula to an informal dining space with wide bay window and French doors that open to the rear terrace.

Three en suite guest/family bedrooms on the second floor each have French door access to a wrought iron railed balcony and are joined by an extensive master suite complete with a nearly 33-foot long bedroom, a separate sitting room with private balcony, two fitted walk-in closets, and a spacious bathroom where a two-person soaking tub sits rather grandly on a black marble pedestal in the center of the room. Tucked up under the eaves on the uppermost floor are two more bedrooms — or a bedroom and an adjoining sitting room — on either side of a large bathroom and, in addition to a subterranean parking garage, the finished basement includes a large laundry room, dance studio/gym with sprung floor, screening room with tiered seating on red leather sofas, and a partially paneled game room with fireplace, wet bar, and some terrifically ill-advised royal blue wall-to-wall carpeting.


Almost three years ago Mister Cruise dumped his 2,200-square-foot pied-a-terre in Manhattan’s East Village — it went for $3 million — and his heavily fortified Beverly Hills estate, bought in 2007 for $30.5 million from Platinum Triangle mega-broker Kurt Rappaport, is much rumored to be quietly available as a whisper listing with an asking price of $50 million. His sprawling, nearly 300-acre Rocky Mountain compound in Telluride, CO, popped up on the open market in October of 2014 and remains listed with a sky-high price of $59 million and in October of this year (2015) he sold a freshly refreshed two-residence compound above L.A.’s Laurel Canyon for $11.4 million to “Desperate Housewives” and “Telenovela” star Eva Longoria.
Tom Cruise Selling Countryside Estate

Breaking up the families of the Sea Org at Int level - a secret project from 1998-200

Breaking up the families of the Sea Org at Int level - a secret project from 1998-2002

Around 1998 a flap occurred at Int level - kids of major Sea Org parents - such as Mike Rinder, etc. were only in the Cadet Org instead of becoming Sea Org members and signing the billion years contract. Also COB felt kids were distracting their parents and thus the parents at Int were underperforming. A solution came up - send all the Cadet Org kids from California to Flag Land base - and this would also help the Super Power push. This way about 118 kids got separated from their parents ( I am not sure but I think anyone from age 10 up) and got made to sign the contract and work for Flag Land Base at Clearwater. I remember when I first saw the list. I was told many of these kids are from the families of RTC Int, WDC, etc members so we had to take good care of them. All these illiterate kids arrived - some extremely basic knowledge of Scientology and hardly any knowledge of the outside word. They had no math skills, no knowledge of humanities, so the staff course supervisors had a really hard time with these kids. Law requires for the kids to attend school once a week. So once a week they went to Cadet school trying to shoot for a GED. Many of them came to me and secretly (me being college science trained) teaching them not Scientology but basic understanding of math, biology, etc. Most of these kids got kicked out, RPF-ed, demoted, etc. Sad way to break up families just to push Super Power and increase number of staff without any meaning...
Breaking up the families of the Sea Org at Int level - a secret project from 1998-200

samedi 26 décembre 2015

2016 SCIENTOLOGY PREDICTIONS -- You heard it here first!


Hey, it's time for a yearly tradition, the annual what-the-hell is going to happen to the freaky cult of Scientology in 2016.

There have been many wonderful and uncannily accurate prognostications in previous years--some brilliant, prescient or hilarious.

As always, here's da rules:



1. All PREDICTIONS have to posted by Jan 30th 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016.

2. No fair editing your predictions once you post them. (Damn, there could be some crazy-ass scamming if people are re-writing the predictions AFTER something happens! LOL)

3. End of the year, a WINNER and RUNNER UP WINNER is announced based on the most alarmingly accurate prediction that actually came true.

4. Award also given for the worst freakin prediction that nearly everyone KNEW was never gonna happen in the first place.

5. Contestants are not allowed to consult with OT's to get answers. (that's cheating)

6. You can make as many predictions as you want but you can't give 2 opposing predictions like Ron would so that you are always right.

For fun, here are the threads for the past years. I couldn't find the 2012 Predictions thread. Whoa, nobody predicted that would happen. lol

2016 SCIENTOLOGY PREDICTIONS -- You heard it here first!

Kirstie: Her family don't expect to see her for Christmas

From RadarOnline ...


Scientology Snub! Kirstie Alley’s Cousin Claims They Don’t Expect Her For Christmas
She prioritizes the controversial church, the relative says.

Posted on Dec 21, 2015 @ 6:54AM
Kirstie Alley No Family Christmas

It looks like it may be a blue Christmas for Kirstie Alley‘s family members. The Scientologist actress’ cousin told that they don’t expect to see her for the holiday, since they claim she prioritizes the controversial church over her family.

“They don’t see her very often,” Kirstie’s cousin Lane Alley told Radar of the star’s siblings.

The 64-year-old’s brother and sister, Craig and Colette, left the Hollywood lifestyle to their famous sis and still live in her hometown of Wichita, Kansas.

“We’re not that impressed with her. We’re used to it,” continued her cousin.


Tom doesn't see Suri. Nicole's kids are estranged from her.

Scientology - not a safe religion for any families to get involved in.

Kirstie: Her family don't expect to see her for Christmas

Saturday 26Dec 8.30pm Going Clear: Masterpiece Foxtel Sydney


Margaret Pomeranz will introduce an airing of director Alex Gibney’s 2015 documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (Saturday, 8.30pm, Masterpiece). Less about bashing Tom Cruise and more about the increasingly sordid history of Scientology and the life of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, the film won the nonfiction Emmy and could well figure in the documentary Oscar category.

This will get a new series of viewers. Margaret Pomeranz is the quintessential movie presenter from way back.

Merry Christmas to Captain David Miscavige, commander of the Scientology Sea Org.
Saturday 26Dec 8.30pm Going Clear: Masterpiece Foxtel Sydney

Saturday 26Dec 8.30pm SBS Sydney: Going Clear


Margaret Pomeranz will introduce an airing of director Alex Gibney’s 2015 documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (Saturday, 8.30pm, Masterpiece). Less about bashing Tom Cruise and more about the increasingly sordid history of Scientology and the life of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, the film won the nonfiction Emmy and could well figure in the documentary Oscar category.

This will get a new series of viewers. Margaret Pomeranz is the quintessential movie presenter from way back.

Merry Christmas to Captain David Miscavige, commander of the Scientology Sea Org.
Saturday 26Dec 8.30pm SBS Sydney: Going Clear

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CoS Regional HQ now condos

Respondent’s Name: Saul Feldman
Company: Feldman Law
What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2015? I have continued to serve frequently as special condominium counsel for complex condominium developments throughout Massachusetts.
What was your most notable project, deal, or transaction in 2015? Hooper Mansion Condominium at 448 Beacon St. in Boston, a luxury seven unit condominium developed by The Congress Group, Inc. on the site of the former regional headquarters of the Church of Scientology.
Commercial real estate will continue to be strong in 2016, especially in greater Boston.
CoS Regional HQ now condos

Trout Run Narconon

Historic designation bill headed for council

As early as the first week of January, the Frederick County Council might consider changes to the process for registering historic properties in the county.

A six-month moratorium on new applications for properties seeking inclusion on the County Register of Historic Places — which council members pursued after the controversial application by a Church of Scientology-owned camp on Catoctin Mountain — expired earlier this month.

Councilwoman Jessica Fitzwater said she has drafted a bill that would change portions of the county’s Historic Preservation Law and other parts of the county’s ordinances.

The aim is to clarify some uses for historic properties and to ensure that uses are compatible with maintaining the historic character of a site, Fitzwater said.

The bill may be introduced as early as the council’s Jan. 5 meeting. Fitzwater said she wanted to avoid releasing specific details of the proposal until she gets feedback from county staff members.

“I don’t think they’re going to be huge changes, but I think they’ll help clarify the uses,” Fitzwater said.

[h=Moratorium declared]5[/h]
The council voted 5-2 on June 2 to impose the moratorium on applications.

The move came less than two hours after the council voted against placing Trout Run, a rustic camp near Thurmont, on the register.

Residents against Trout Run’s historic designation told the council they were concerned that the owner of Trout Run had applied just to get a special exception from county zoning laws that would allow it to operate Narconon, a substance abuse rehabilitation center, on the site.

The property is owned by Social Betterment Properties International, a company acting as a real estate arm of the Church of Scientology.

County law allows the Board of Appeals to grant a special exception in any zoning district if the property is historic and will be converted into a restaurant, inn, antique shop, museum, information center, business or professional office, group home use, or event facility, and if off-street parking requirements are met.

The Board of Appeals would have allowed Narconon to operate as a “group home” at Trout Run, which is resource conservation land, if it were on the register.

Councilman Jerry Donald proposed putting a hold on new applications, so the council could examine the county’s historic preservation processes before continuing. There may be “side effects” to the historic preservation ordinance that weren’t expected when it was passed, Donald said then.

The Frederick County Community Development Division stopped accepting applications for additions to the register on June 9, following an executive order by County Executive Jan Gardner.

Fitzwater said drafting a bill to address the concerns took slightly longer than expected because the historic designations and possible special exceptions are mentioned in several areas of the county’s code.

[h=History of the register]5[/h]
The first properties were added to Frederick County’s Historic Register on Oct. 5, 1999.

Historic Register properties include private homes, farms, a store with an attached residence in Urbana and Petersville Methodist Episcopal Church.

Frederick County’s Historic Preservation Law aims to safeguard the county’s history, improve property values, foster civic beauty and develop awareness of the value of preserving and restoring places of historical, archeological or architectural significance.

To qualify for inclusion on the register, a property must meet at least one of 10 specific criteria. Those include: a property was the site of a historical event, is associated with a person or group who influenced society, was built by a master craftsman or is a rare example of a particular period, style or construction technique, among other factors.

The Frederick County Historic Preservation Commission considers applications and recommends placement on the register to the County Council.

Until the application for Trout Run, the county’s elected board had approved every property the Historic Preservation Commission recommended.

An ongoing court case over the Trout Run property is scheduled to be heard by a Frederick County Circuit Court judge on Jan. 4.
Trout Run Narconon

New Book Released by Chris Shelton!! "SCIENTOLOGY: A to Xenu"

It's Christmas Day and I woke up to a wonderful Christmas surprise! :happydance:


Merry Christmas 2015: Here’s your Scientology present under the tree

While David Miscavige excitedly runs to his Christmas tree this morning to find what gifts his Sea Org workers bought him by scraping together money from their 40-cents-an-hour pay (yes, they actually do that), we have our own Christmas miracle for our readers.

Frequent Underground Bunker correspondent Chris Shelton has published his first book, which just became available at Amazon — and it carries a clever title we wish we’d thought of, Scientology: A to Xenu.

Chris spent 27 years in Scientology, much of it as a Sea Org worker and expert in the arcane world of Hubbard “technology.” And he begins his book with a really interesting review of that history. He was brought up by parents who were Scientologists, but his own involvement didn’t begin until he was in high school. Chris skillfully recounts his journey into the church and then out again so many years later.

But he’s interested in more than telling you his experiences in the Sea Org or its prison detail, the Rehabilitation Project Force. What Chris really wants to do is provide a guide to the ideas and policies and history of Scientology that will be useful to the outsider.

You can see that his “Q&A” video series has really paid off. Chris knows what it is that people are most curious about and what confuses them about Scientology, and so he has learned how to address those questions in an effective way. We particularly enjoyed the chapter about KSW — Keeping Scientology Working — a key, overarching policy that Tom Cruise referred to in his infamous 2008 leaked video. Chris breaks down what Hubbard is doing in the KSW policy to show the layers of indoctrination and control.


Read Full Review at the Bunker:

New Book Released by Chris Shelton!! "SCIENTOLOGY: A to Xenu"

jeudi 24 décembre 2015

Tony Ortega: Scientology getting more aggressive with media

Tony Ortega: Scientology getting more aggressive with media.

Tony Ortega: Release the hounds! Scientology suddenly getting more aggressive with media: Report

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

On this Christmas Eve, we wanted to tell you about an interesting exchange we had recently with a fellow reporter.

This is someone who writes about Scientology on occasion, and for several different outlets. But recently, he tells us, things have changed. Scientology is suddenly getting very aggressive with the places he normally places stories with.

The negative press for Scientology this year has been relentless, and we’re seeing media giants that once were cowed by Scientology’s legal tactics now openly mocking the organization. Has David Miscavige suddenly had enough of it?

Our friend says that this is a definite change that just happened a few weeks ago.

“The last piece I did, three sets of Scientology lawyers sent more than 100 pages of horseshit. It was so time consuming for the editors,” he told us. And now, the publications are turning down his pitches.

Is another chilling effect on the way? From 1991 to 2005, the American media was very reluctant to write about Scientology after a TIME magazine cover story resulted in a $416 million lawsuit by the church. Does Miscavige miss those days of frightening off editors with the barking of well-paid lawyers?

Let’s keep an eye out for original reporting about Scientology and see if we can tell whether the media is suddenly more shy if, in fact, Scientology has a new strategy.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
Tony Ortega: Scientology getting more aggressive with media

What do you do when you're not allowed to call home for Christmas? 1-866-XSEAORG

Scientology - What do you do when you're not allowed to call home for Christmas? 1-866-XSEAORG or 1-866-973-2674

HT - Comment by TheHoleDoesNotExist on Tony Ortega's blog:
Attached Images
What do you do when you're not allowed to call home for Christmas? 1-866-XSEAORG

I was offended - steve hughes- re political correctness.

I was offended - steve hughes- re political correctness.

Finishing Bhudha's work ? and Happy Holidays

$cientology is rotten to its core and the blackheart Hoobard was
a thief and con man, some folks think otherwise and so we have
a very basic dis-agreement as to the worth of Hoobards preachin and teachins ?

It's the same dis agreement I have with freezoners who think there is some
point where it all went wrong and the underlying "tech" could some how be
restored to some golden age that never existed save in the minds of what are probably
good people who really do want to help folks and themselves and badly want to believe
there is marked course and a bridge to salvation.... a vehicle ?
The claims or implied connection to Bhudhism as to regards to Hoobard
and $cio is just simple horseshit PR called positioning.

There is a very old split in bhuddhist philosophy called "big boat" and "little boat"
I highly recommend the read to those unfamiliar with it.

In brief it is the idea that there are two schools of thought.
1. freedom from suffering of life will be found when "all" escape.
which results in the vows of Bhodisatva's not to escape until all are out.
2. freedom will be found only on an individual basis.
which results in the idea that only "you" can free "you".

It is polarising idea based on this assumption "man is fallen and needs to be saved
hence salvation.

Consider briefly if not thoroughly the truth of the above assumption.
I have and I find no need for saviors or saving, bridges or boats or any other vehicles or paths no matter the beauty and the shine the incredible articulation to convince me of the need for mine or anyone elses "salvation".

now does that "free me" ? yup it does :)
Bonds are not bondage unless seen as such and then used against another human being
as it is only the power of my own choice and creation of loving bonds that are
unconditional and uncontractual that allows the beautiful relationships in our lives
to blossom and grow in great abundance.

As this year closes I send out my hopes that your New Year and that of your loved
ones, is one of great love and abundance, and any broken bonds are healed quickly
and completely.
Slights large and small are forgiven in the understanding that, for grace and good fortune
there go I.

Happy New Year
to y'all :)

Have a great Holiday Season ESMBer's and thank you for the spice of life this
year in sharing your inate wisdom's and follies and I hope some of mine may be of
some small use along the way.
Finishing Bhudha's work ? and Happy Holidays

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found on my college board -- call for survivors of Scientology

Ooops - wrong board - got mixed up. Sorry.
found on my college board -- call for survivors of Scientology

Scientology Patron Imbecilis Maximus

Scientology Patron Imbecilis Maximus.

Mike Rinder: David Miscavige Big Time Brown-nosing

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

The IAS event in the UK, and the annual Gala dinner the following night, are the biggest moments in the fundraising year in scientology. They are the single most important day on the scientology calendar now, far surpassing the L. Ron Hubbard birthday or May 9th. People are promised they will appear on stage and be recognized by Chairman of the Board of the IAS and the star-studded collection of sheeple in attendance (including Tom Cruise). They don’t know if “COB” will present them with their award personally though. But that is a great gimmick to use to beach some whales every year. He used to hand out the awards to those who attained the status Patron Meritorious. But those days are distant memories, mere Patron Meritorious status is no longer personally blessed by the Pope of scientology. The regges persuade people to reach higher and higher levels of sacrifice… “If you pay for your Patron Imbecilis Maximus, it is possible COB himself will acknowledge you on stage.”

And as everyone knows, status is the most powerful motivating factor in the world of the sheeple. Nothing beats an IAS status or a Cert to hang on the wall…

And the flow goes both ways. Nothing gets David Miscavige more sentimentally soppy than a few million bucks handed over by a whale.

And this year the greatest whale in the history of scientology was given the small pope fist bump. (The other suckers that handed over millions must have been pissed at Bob Duggan — he spoiled their chances for 30 seconds basking in the glory of the aura of COB.)

Dave didn’t let the team down. His words are so sickly sweet that if you have blood sugar issues, read no further.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

Duggan dragged his wife and 4 of his kids on stage with him. These must be the favored children — not the ones shipped off to South Africa or elsewhere to be tended by scientology “FSMs”.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
Scientology Patron Imbecilis Maximus

Media company looking for people

I have spoken with gabi and I can verify that the offer and enquiry are legit

"A highly-respected A/V team, putting together a new documentary series, is seeking survivors of Scientology—or families containing current members—to tell their story to help educate and protect the general public. They may also provide help with reconnecting with loved ones still in the CoS, or provide other support as needed. Part of their objectives are to use their own resources to help restore communication between family members or friends, if possible—obviously no one can make finite promises re specific outcomes. If you would like to be considered for participation in this docu-series or utilizing such a platform to tell your story, please contact directly with your name, phone number, contact info and a bit about your story. It seems like a terrific opportunity for the right individuals! Filming starts immediately so act quickly."
Media company looking for people

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Good News thread.

There are various greetings across threads, this is a chance to bring them all together. I know people who don't post anymore check in at these times and it's a good way to spread some good feelings.

It would be great to hear stories of new lives and freedoms this last year, how we have coped and our wishes for the future.

I started a Disconnection and Christmas thread, which is the sad one. We can have a happy one too.

To start off I can say that despite the traumas of this last year, I am feeling particularly good and much healthier now. When you face serious medical problems it does change your perspective on life. It reinforces priorities, who you need in your life and who you don't. It's always about attitude and as we find our feet and come to understand our pasts, we now have unlimited horizons. Of course it's tough sometimes, yet in a weird way I am grateful for the challenges (when they are past!) because it helps find out things about yourself that can only come through experience.

I have a lovely little one year old grandson now and new life is such a joy. A cheeky sort of conspiratorial smile from this little kid as he toddles past on his way to another adventure is just fantastic. It always makes me laugh! I walked up the path with him recently, his little hand in mine and his tiny feet keeping pace with me ... it's a moment I will never forget. As a mum I guess I was too busy to really appreciate the small moments.

I don't post family pics but I will share this cropped one. A wee lad with his bestie.


So Merry Christmas everyone, I wish you well and may the coming year be full of scientology recovery and good things.

:hifive: :party: :dance2:
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Good News thread.

What do you do when you're not allowed to call home for Christmas? 1-800-XSEAORG

Scientology - What do you do when you're not allowed to call home for Christmas? 1-800-XSEAORG or 1-800-973-2674

HT - Comment by TheHoleDoesNotExist on Tony Ortega's blog:
Attached Images
What do you do when you're not allowed to call home for Christmas? 1-800-XSEAORG


Occasionally someone or other asks or speculates about the release of OT IX and OT X and I think of it as frankly a near impossibility. I will try to make a simple case for why it is unlikely.

One prediction I have is an either or proposition. I feel we will never see OT IX or X released in any form OR it will signal a state of near complete collapse of the Scientology cult and actually speed the collapse itself.

If anyone releases these levels once actual delivery occurs and no OT abilities are created the disappointed cult members walking away will be a part of tremendous changes for the tiny core of fanatics remaining. If this happens the cult will most likely dwindle down to five or ten thousand members, perhaps even less.

Between the fact that no levels actually exist and that they are promoted as being the first actual OT levels with powers and Scientologists have been told repeatedly in writing that all orgs must be Saint Hill size before the upper levels can be released those factors combine to make releasing something and calling it IX and X just too problematic. It is the move you only do when you know the con is about to end.

Staff and Sea Org members will leave if he did it because they will know something is too wrong for this to still be Scientology. I cannot stress that enough. Captain David Miscavige (leader of the Sea Org) knows this. He also knows once the levels utterly fail to grant any powers the whole fraud will collapse for individual Scientologists who realize that only an all too human is behind the curtain. One with no miracles, no wisdom and no magic.

Miscavige has to avoid this at all costs.

I think my idea hinges on two factors. As staff and Sea Org members we had the "all orgs Saint Hill size" prerequisite pounded into us daily. And the accompanying ideas that at Saint Hill size we got good pay and the Universe Corps and would see literally thousands of new Scientologists coming in EVERY org.

That myth can never be true, and Miscavige knows it. But staff use the Saint Hill myth to justify a million things, from no pay to poor service, bad and no results from Scientology and also as a way to blame themselves for bad conditions because they think if they just made the org Saint Hill size all the problems, abuses and injustices would just go away.

And it's been this way for decades. Hubbard set it up that way. Saint Hill size is the rainbow we all chased. It promised enough staff with enough training to deliver wins and miracles. It promised good pay and decent working conditions. It promised the Universe Corps and free OT levels for staff.

Those very generous promises were always empty lies, and just counterfeit dreams to control us with false futures. That term is used to describe how narcissists deceive their victims. Hubbard knew they could never be but they served his purpose. He was the wolf in shepherd's clothing, and quite a ravenous wolf as well.

We also used the Saint Hill size excuse to avoid issues related to the lack of positive impact from Scientology socially and the lack of expansion. At every org and mission you can say we are just not big enough to see a standard Scientology org, but everyone else is.
Additionally for the public the con has a runway of excuses.

They learn to believe in godlike miracles then accept excuses why they never come. You think you will get Einstein like genius and perfect memory with no negative emotions or habits by clear on the Scientology bridge. Then you accept lower and lower results until by clear lowered expectations are routine.

You then on the OT levels from OT III on go from blaming the fictional horror of the reactive mind to the absurd excuse of body thetans. You are told you removed the reactive mind by clear, so that excuse won't work anymore.

On the OT levels you blame body thetans and they are the excuse for the promised super powers of telekinesis, telepathy, healing etc. etc. never materializing. But you get told by OT VII that they are all handled. Then by OT VIII that valences and false memories are handled.

So any further OT levels would be expected to actually deliver the long promised miracles and OT abilities.

Between the two groups being deceived with the Saint Hill size lies AND the upper OT levels lies no reality Scientology can deliver wouldn't shatter the illusion for many Scientologists.

When you promise paradise, when you preach perfection of self and group, you can never be exposed as a fraud. That false future has to always be in the future. If it is ever the present it is exposed, the curtain gets pulled back and the emperor is not wearing a stitch.

Hubbard knew this and Miscavige does as well.

mardi 22 décembre 2015

There Is No Irony In Scientology

There is no irony in Scientology - not one bit ever. Ron Hubbard as a malignant narcissist was driven to pathologically lie constantly. He like many sociopaths was driven to constantly project and tell lies one hundred and eighty degrees from the truth . Meaning exact opposites. For example claiming godlike infallibility and superiority when in truth he simultaneously knew he was worthless, cowardly and utterly immoral but denying this and trying to wish a facade of his hyper competence and un-equalled wisdom into reality.

His fractured mind constantly engaged in doublethink. Fooling himself but hiding the evidence of his fraud from others at the exact same time. Knowing Scientology produces no benefit and having measures to hide this and conventional espionage agents while justifying his acts by pretending to be better than all others.

He displayed thinking , emotions and behavior that were entirely consistent with his personality disorder and the mindset of a cult founder. Once you factor in the subjects he plagiarized from and the influence he held over his victims and the severity with which they mimic him in many ways as mental pseudo clones there really is no detail of Scientology which is not consistent. Knowing the components and how they interact is the key.

Hypocrisy from Hubbard, the group or individual members ? To be expected. Callous cruelty towards anyone friend or foe ? Literally standard tech . Doublethink and inability to recognize contradictions in doctrine , emotions or actions ? Par for the course. Extremes of behavior unexpected in sane people , like pathological lying , projection, denial, age regression, blind trust in Hubbard, fanatical zeal, abuse crimes and cruelty that seem entirely unnecessary? Yep, that is the essence of Scientology. It isn't ironic because that kind of mind does those things continuously. And that influences the group and individuals under his authority to do the same .

Really Hubbard was so twisted frankly it is like he held a get out of sanity and decency and moral responsibility and internal consistency card and always played it. He was the opposite of what he pretended to be and did the opposite of what he claimed and put his actual crimes on others . No irony - only patterns of thought , emotion and behavior. Truly evil and selfish and immature and harmful ? Definitely without a doubt. But not one bit surprising when you know what and who you are dealing with. He and his cult are about as easy to understand as a stone sinking in water once the relevant factors are understood. If he could have chosen a different path is best left to others . The path he did choose has been revealed and it in my opinion lacks irony.

I recently read about what one author called reverse projection. Different people define it in entirely different ways. The idea I was introduced to is that normal people with a functional conscience and humility look at people who don't follow a conscience or humility and project their qualities onto them.

So a normal person thinks a pathological liar for example is merely a liar who lies a lot while that is not quite right. A sociopath or narcissist often lies in particular ways that warrant exposure. They frequently tell lies that are motivated by a facade of superiority and infallibility to hide true feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness they hide if a narcissist for example.

And narcissists commit crimes and abuses and have the inner self exist in an atrophied state with the emotional maturity of a young child. A young child who is petulant and belligerent and lacks conscience or humility. This results in constant projection of negative characteristics onto others and constant false claims of outstanding personal character, ability and achievements for the narcissist. Simply put they tell lies one hundred and eighty degrees from the truth nearly one hundred percent of the time.

If you don't understand that sociopaths and narcissists are compelled to behave this way it appears ironic but not when you see Hubbard as hardwired to lie in this manner constantly and his cult is modeled after him in both the macro through the doctrine and organization itself and the micro through the beliefs , emotions and behavior of individual Scientologists.They are often so extremely influenced by the thought reform in Scientology that they adopt a state of being a mental pseudo clone of Hubbard and mimic his behavior unknowingly.

With all these factors taken into account and an understanding that Miscavige is certainly also a person without conscience displayed in his behavior and the same quality of lying constantly and pretending innocence while attributing crimes to others, there is in my opinion no irony in Scientology.

But if it seems ironic in a way that upsets, bewilders or offends you that shows you have a conscience in most instances. Your conscience can guide how you feel people should behave . So take it as a compliment to your character if Scientology offends you.
There Is No Irony In Scientology

Rock Slam, by Sosumi Starr, a novel inspired by recovery from Scientology

Rock Slam, by Sosumi Starr, a novel inspired by recovery from Scientology.

Amazon: Rock Slam: a cult novel (Eye of Needles Book 1)

Rock Slam: a cult novel (Eye of Needles Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Sosumi Starr (Author)

Kindle $3.99

Three women lost to humanity huddle together on the chill Oregon coast. If they are to heal each other’s fractured lives, they must heed the lesson imposed by a sinister crag rising from the sea.

A fictional book based on a true story, Rock Slam is one woman’s biography of pain and bliss, providing insight into families consumed by cults and forever scarred by evil. Through the blend of true life horror and crime, the workings of a cult and the minds of some captives may be understood.

The effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stockholm Syndrome, and fractured personality occurring as a result of cult involvement are explored.

Product Details

File Size: 2242 KB
Print Length: 136 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Liber Sol Press; 1 edition (December 21, 2015)
Publication Date: December 21, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
ASIN: B019P930YY
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
X-Ray: Not Enabled
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Lending: Enabled
Enhanced Typesetting: Not Enabled

************************************************** ******************************

Sosumi Starr's Smashword Profile

Sosumi Starr


Sosumi wanders the universe seeking to right injustices through revealing truths kept hidden under oppression.


Rock Slam by Sosumi Starr

Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 45,090. Language: English. Published: December 22, 2015 by House of Lit. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Scientology, Nonfiction » True Crime » Kidnapping, abduction, hostage taking

Three women lost to humanity huddle together on the chill Oregon coast. If they are to heal each other’s fractured lives, they must heed the lesson imposed by a sinister crag rising from the sea. Based on a true story, Rock Slam uses metaphor and narrative to relate one woman’s biography of pain and bliss, providing insight into families consumed by cults and forever scarred by evil.
Attached Images
Rock Slam, by Sosumi Starr, a novel inspired by recovery from Scientology

Two Roads

I was asked in several different ways about how I got out of Scientology. More specifically how I got so far out of Scientology so quickly. As I have said many times I was in the cult for twenty five years and within several weeks of looking outside the cult I realized it was completely fraudulent and harmful.

People find out I had spent thousands of hours using Scientology indoctrination methods and was at times on staff and a very devoted and fanatical and zealous cult member. Then they cannot fathom how quickly and completely I rejected Scientology. I have been asked about the route out of Scientology. I am convinced that the experiences that make people into Scientologists fit the patterns folks like Jon Atack and Robert Jay Lifton and Margaret Singer have described. Jon Atack explained this in the Scientology Mythbusting series at the Underground Bunker website and in his book Opening Minds. Lifton describes this in Thought Reform And The Psychology Of Totalism, particularly in his eight criteria for thought reform. Margaret Singer describes this in excellent videos and her book Cults In Our Midst.

I will describe a key experience from my indoctrination that I can clearly recall as the moment I went from being a person investigating Scientology to being a Scientologist. This experience bears describing in fine detail because it fits several ideas put forth by the authors I just listed. It also is for me something I can recall despite twenty seven years having passed. It is something most Scientologists have a hard time recalling and a harder time understanding.

I joined Scientology at seventeen years old. I had been told Scientology was an odd thing in that they believed a person is responsible for everything that has ever happened to them. That seemed absurd. I met one Scientologist and asked him how that could be. After all, I knew women who had been raped, kids who had been molested and people who lived in extreme poverty or with mental or physical illness. To me blaming them was entirely immoral.

Despite my antagonistic approach the one Scientologist I met was willing to keep talking with me and introducing simple ideas like past lives, postulates, conditions and dynamics. The ideas seem to cover any broad questions about life in a very, very general way. Especially if you know nothing about Scientology, it's history, Hubbard's past or hundreds of sources Hubbard plagiarized from.

And by following the Scientology TRs the Scientologist seemed to be friendly, compassionate and very much in agreement with everything I said. I didn't understand how TRs worked so I thought I found a fast friend and figured why pretend to be friendly to a guy with no money ?

I didn't know or understand another pair of facts: my new buddy needed to recruit a replacement because he wanted to leave staff without getting an SP declare and he would talk to me about Scientology for a simple reason. He couldn't find anyone who didn't already hate Scientology.

So despite my being a poor guy with no job experience and a skeptical attitude toward Scientology I would at least talk about it and agreed to enter a Scientology org while you couldn't pay most people to go in a Scientology org.

He had to put in weeks of hanging out with me to draw me in, but had no other prospects. So he put in the time and I didn't understand love bombing can be a one on process of simply listening to someone, and acting like a concerned friend. I didn't realize some jobs are actually scams.

So I joined staff with the naive and idealistic thought that I would find out if Scientology was really what it claimed to be and if it was then to help it. And if not then I would expose them and tell the world. I foolishly thought as a skeptic and in my opinion an intelligent person I would easily see through any fraud and not be fooled. That incorrect assumption was essential to my being deceived. I now KNOW I am gullible as a PERMANENT unalterable state. I consider it a state that cannot be removed by being aware of it. It's here to stay.

I joined staff unaware that Scientology usually doesn't pay anything and just has staff stay on until they quit. If I knew that I would never have joined staff. It simply is a fraud unto itself. But I foolishly didn't focus on pay at first and tried to look at the technology. It seemed odd in many ways but Scientologists certainly were impassioned by it. I didn't get much auditing but thought the people who did must be experiencing something. After all, they trained for years to deliver auditing and paid thousands of dollars for auditing or the courses.

So I was on staff for two months as a non Scientology staff member and doing my staff status training and had a very special experience. The admin tech is instrumental in duping victims in indoctrination. The extreme complexity with immense loaded language helps to overwhelm and confuse minds. This in my own indoctrination for example led to having to memorize over twenty departments in order with their definitions and awareness charecteristics in order to pass a drill on my staff statuses courses.

While listening to the tape Org Board And Livingness this resulted in an intense focus of my attention that had astounding results. I entered a deep euphoric state of mental focus with my critical and independent thought suspended. I thought it was an epiphany. In fact it was just hypnosis, but sold as spiritual enlightenment.

I can describe this in a bit more detail because it is quite important. In taking on Scientology study tech I wrote Insidious Enslavement: Study Technology as a post at this blog. As part of submission to hypnotic all-encompassing authority a very specific series of physical and mental changes occurred. I was exposed to the tremendous shifting and contradictory terms in Scientology. They are given in an ingenious method for thought reform. A student takes on thousands of Scientology terms AND thousands of normal English terms and idioms SIMULTANEOUSLY in Scientology indoctrination.

The brilliant thing about this is it gives a person three sets of information to constantly keep track of and keep separate. You need to know what are your own ideas and beliefs.

You also need to hang onto Scientology terms which all tie into each other in a long bizarre unclear never-ending circle of ideas defined by each other but containing other ideas which are more unclear and refer to others in a never ending chain.

You also have to learn new English terms so it seems like you are getting an education and better vocabulary. You seem to get confused then brighter. The easiest way to overcome the overwhelm trying to keep all these ideas separate creates is to stop carefully keeping them separate and just take them all as equal. All as true. Remember the ideas include your own as a person, so rejecting everything would include your own beliefs from before Scientology and be impractical. Besides rejecting the definitions and idioms and derivations you learned from dictionaries would also be impractical. After all, they are just English.

I bit by bit stopped thinking of ideas as mine, from dictionaries and from Hubbard. Before that Hubbard's ideas were all conditional, hypothetical and unproven. It was incredibly complicated to do Scientology indoctrination methods and doubt them and seek to do them standardly. It was too much to keep track of. So I stopped. I pushed doubts out of my mind over and over until they stopped returning. Just believing without using critical and independent thinking became free from the tension of cognitive dissonance. In a hypnotic state trance logic ensues. Trance logic has distinct characteristics. In trance logic contradictions are ignored by the conscious mind and cognitive dissonance is buried in the subconscious mind (or unconscious). Nonsensical or absurd ideas are accepted from a hypnotic authority and a person is age regressed and open to magical thinking and black and white thinking. Many things are oversimplified and misrepresented.

It is the thinking of a person who has submission to an authority as more important than having free will or observing reality. It is similar to a young child knowing that a parent knows more and that even if a command doesn't make sense you still listen to the parent because you know they are much wiser than you. Your belief is the parent must be right so doubts are wrong and blind faith replaces reason. You don't have to know how the parent is right - you have certainty they are right.

That experience was my conversion into a Scientologist. Had I understood hypnosis, rhetoric and critical thinking it would have been very different. Lifton, Singer, Hassan and Atack all describe that method cults use.

It took me twenty five years to learn that. Many Indies think hypnosis is something else and so keep faith in Scientology because they don't understand their own reactions. Sad.

Now part of why my rejection of Scientology was so sudden and total was because I had realized something vital rapidly. When I was first on course back twenty seven years ago I realized Hubbard either had to be constantly lying for decades and either unnoticed or helped by Scientologists, or completely mad or sincere. I thought putting in decades of writing and lecturing alone was an immense undertaking. Why someone would keep at it for a scam baffled me. I set that worry aside when I bought into Scientology .

When I finally looked outside the cult after seeing the famous Freedom magazine article Posse Of Lunatics I knew something wasn't right. I realized there were no OTs in the Sea Org. And that meant there never were any. And that meant no clears either.

I instantly realized my suspicion of everything in Scientology being lies must be true. From reading the Scientology Mythbusting series at the Underground Bunker and Never Believe A Hypnotist by Jon Atack along with articles on hypnotism at I learned that the getting confused and brightening up I had experienced were actually from hypnosis.

That realization enabled me to reframe my entire experience and to zero in on hypnosis, cognitive dissonance theory, rhetoric and social psychology as areas to study in depth.

I wrote on the exact details of how Hubbard uses thought reform in Insidious Enslavement: Study Technology, Propaganda By Reversal Of Meaning, Basic Introduction To Hypnosis In Scientology, The Secret Of Scientology part 1 and in many other posts. I hope this helps to make it perfectly clear how I got into and eventually out of Scientology.
Two Roads

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The result of the new basics fraud

The result of the new basics fraud

What will SO staff buy little dm for Christmas ?

Surely they'll ne strong armed to chip in for a nice present for him.

How much can a regular SO member be expected to contribute ?
What will SO staff buy little dm for Christmas ?

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Unraveling Scientology - A Missing Vital Ingredient

Image result for the brain with david eaglemanImage result for psychology definitionImage result for psychology definition

I was a member of the Scientology cult for twenty five years. In about January 2013 I started examining information outside the cult about Scientology and Ron Hubbard. By March 2013 I had come to the conclusion Scientology was always a fraud and not helpful, and in fact highly harmful. I concluded Scientology had been conceived as a method of mental enslavement.

I found studying Hubbard's true past and methods he plagiarized led to examining them in their original forms to understand their actual effects.

Hypnotism was a subject Hubbard mentioned hundreds of times and was self contradictory on quite often. The result of that study was posts such as Insidious Enslavement: Study Technology, The Critical Factor, Basic Introduction To Hypnosis In Scientology, The Secret Of Scientology Part 1 control via contradiction, Burning Down Hell - How Commands Are Hidden , Varied And Repeated In Scientology To Control You As Hypnotic Implants. These explore hypnosis thoroughly.

I also saw that Scientology has a significant use of special language to control people. That was explored in Propaganda By Reversal Of Meaning In Scientology, ARC And KRC, and The Clear Contradiction.

I also went on to examine briefly critical thinking in Pissed ! It's Not Your Fault ! and rhetoric which Hubbard studied in college in Gib's Great Find Rhetoric and A Brief Rhetorical Analysis Of Keeping Scientology Working Series 1 : KSW Keeping Slaves Willing.

I knew there was far more to understand to explore other aspects of Scientology. I checked on Hubbard's plagiarism in OT III And Beyond: Sources Plagiarized From parts 1, 2 and 3.

I also found social psychology a needed subject to study relative to Scientology, that was explored in the Pulling Back The Curtain series which consulted the book Age Of Propaganda, then the essential book A Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance by Leon Festinger in the Scientology Building The Prison Of The Mind series. Several other posts explore social psychology as well.

I found information on sociopaths, narcissists and malignant narcissists and abusive relationships -of which cults are a type- to be quite important, in fact to be a fundamental that cannot be skipped to understand Scientology or Hubbard himself. These were covered in Ron Hubbard's Twisted Mind Part 1 Pathological Lying, There Is No Irony In Scientology, Ron Hubbard's Narcissistic Traits, Scientology 180 Degrees From The Truth, Scientology's Parallel In Nature - Malignant Narcissism and several other posts including Hubbard's Affirmations.

So I felt that the pursuit of compassion, empathyand humility as the opposite of Scientology was worthwhile.

I found from interacting with Jon Atack those values as well as critical thinking, rhetoric, skepticism, social psychology and knowledge of Hubbard's methods including hypnotism, thought reform including loaded language, and logical fallacies along with cultic studies with experts like Robert Jay Lifton, Margaret Singer, Janja Lalich and Eric Hoffer to all be valuable. Along with information from Arnie Lerma as well.

I knew I could write a story describing a variation on the old "An x, y and z walk into a bar" joke as a hypnotist, a psychologist, and a critical thinker (who has studied classic rhetoric and Socratic debate with logical fallacies) walk into a Scientology org and interact with Scientologists and expose all the redefinitions, hypnotic techniques, mind control methods. and fraudulent and harmful practices in turn. With each one exposing Scientology in the language and concepts of their own field.

But a funny thing happened: I realized I was missing something important, something a bit more scientific than psychology, and far more scientific than hypnotism or even rhetoric and couldn't quite figure it out, I added studying narcissists and sociopaths and felt that was vital and invigorating. But it was still not quite right.

There was a portion of Scientology and life that wasn't fully covered even by all these subjects. And many of these subjects received dozens or hundreds of hours of study in my efforts to be thorough and seek out the most useful basic ideas for reframing Scientology.

My studies are far less than those undertaken by serious academics or cult experts. But those people frankly spend tens of thousands of hours honing their craft and read usually hundreds of books. And interact with hundreds and thousands of cult members and ex cult members.

But I think I reluctantly may have found the missing piece of the puzzle. By accident as well: Neuroscience.

Medical News Today has the following definition: Neuroscience, also known as Neural Science, is the study of how the nervous system develops, its structure, and what it does. Neuroscientists focus on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions.

Looking at Wikipedia and the branches of neuroscience and the physical scientific branches of this subject was striking for me in a unique way. The subjects of Dianetics and Scientology utterly lack physical evidence that can be observed directly. Obviously this is because those frauds are entirely false and direct scientific evidence contradicts the claims Scientology makes. It is utterly dishonest and false.

So in remedying Scientology the subjects Hubbard used and others that can dissect and demystify Scientology are useful. But the exacting physical scientific evidence and methodology Scientology lacks is in my opinion to a very remarkable degree countered by neuroscience and its coupling with complimentary information from social psychology. Together the two can be a potential route to greater and more accurate knowledge on behavior, the mind and human nature than any previous subjects.

Earlier subjects like philosophy, Socratic debate and critical thinking have limitations, even much of psychology has this weakness (particularly if ideas are pursued without testing via experiments and peer review) , to say nothing of the lack of strict science throughout hypnotism.

Television shows like "The Brain With David Eagleman,” and his book The Brain: The Story of You explore these ideas in accessible ways. Some episodes of Beyond The Wormhole also examine this subject.

James H. "Jim" Fallon is also a neuroscientist who studies psychopaths and uses some scientific evidence. He wrote The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain detailing his research. Some good information for comparison from psychology is in The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout and Social Psychology For Dummies as well as Age Of Propaganda.

And of course the work of others such as Philip Zimbardo who conducted the famous Stanford Prison experiment and wrote The Lucifer Effect among other books.

This may frankly seem like a lot to take on to BEGIN to try to understand human minds and behavior. That's a valid point, but especially for ex Scientologists if you don't find your own educated opinion on your mind and life, who will form your opinion for you ?
Unraveling Scientology - A Missing Vital Ingredient