vendredi 7 octobre 2016

My fiance used to be involved...

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I have never been involved in Scientology but my fiance was/is. I am not sure if it is alright to post this as my introduction, but not really sure where else to put it. Also, sorry if I am not up to snuff on all terminology.

About 10-15 years ago, a Scientologist knocked on his door and hooked him. He spent thousands upon thousands on the lectures and he says auditing really helped him at a dark place in his life. He does not like to talk about Scientology and does not care for people to know he has been involved. However, we have about 100 lectures (most still sealed) in our home, hiding in the best places we could find to conceal them. As I am sure you are all aware, he spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on these. He never looks at them, never uses them and has not given them money since. I never see him do anything whatsoever that has to do with Scientology.

However, he refuses to become disassociated. He keeps them updated on his (our) address and other contact information. Every day, our mailbox has junk mail relating to Scientology. He often gets personalized letters and emails, most of which he ignores...but some he has politely responded to, making excuses and then never actually practicing anything.

Even though he shows no interest, I am still concerned. If he truly wanted nothing to with them, would he not just remove himself? He knows it bothers me and he knows my fears associated with it and I have made that clear, hoever, I always tell him I love and support him and am there for him no matter what and that I do not judge him for feeling that Scientology has helped him.

My biggest fear is that the church will pull him in with all of their attempts and I will become a "suppressive". He says he is fully aware of the ridiculous way higher-ups live their lives and he would never be included in such a thing and has no intention of raising our future children in a religious way...but I understand they are very talented in manipulation and even someone as intelligent and level-headed as my fiance can really get screwed over.

Am I just being a worry wart? Is there something I should be doing other than showing love and acceptance in order to (hopefully) continually direct him away from it? He is the kindest, most genuine person I know and treats me better than I ever could have this post is not about leaving him. I suppose I am just seeking advice from those who have gotten out to know what helped them along the way.

Edit: I forgot to add that none of his family or friends are involved in Scientology.
My fiance used to be involved...

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