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Independent Scientology Milestone Two rejects Skype Auditing and other practices

Independent Scientology Milestone Two rejects Skype Auditing and other current practices.

Milestone Two: Standard Tech

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Standard Tech

Posted by Lana

October 25, 2016

By Mike Eldredge


I have encountered several bizarre practices “in the field “ that I will list here as an illustration of how far off track things can go when untrained individuals calling themselves auditors will go just to make a quick buck. Let it serve as a warning .

a. “Auditing” over the telephone or Skype.

b. Pretending to be an AO or Ls auditor because you found some information on the internet.

c. auditing a PC on Ls in the middle of another major action .

d. deciding a PC can handle OT materials and coffeeshop auditing them on OT level data.

e. promoting smoking weed while mid OT or other auditing as a sleep remedy.

f. endlessly sec checking a PC/Pre OT in the middle of a major action searching for “critical thoughts”.

g. running GPMs for fun and physical sensation.

h. Auditing Solo with no training or C/S.

i. deciding and telling a PC you don’t think they made a grade based on their wife’s opinion.

j. Telling a PC you will audit them up to and through OT III with no AO training, taking their money and then abandoning them .

All of the above I have encountered and were done by “auditors” who were GAT trained and are at large now in the field. So much for “higher standards”. C/S Series 1 covers the basics of auditor actions relative to C/Sing and is on every auditor check sheet .

Real auditors and C/Ses would never entertain any of the above.

The legacy of Scientology lies with those who actually practice Standard Tech whether in an organization or on ones own. Being a real Scientology practitioner takes real training and discipline and the ability to stand ones ground to defend it. My hat’s off to those who do.

Mike Eldredge


(Note from Admin – if you are needing a standard auditor or C/S, I highly recommend Mike. Write me on and I will pass on his contact details)

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And exchange in the comments concerning Skype auditing is enlightening:

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MonecaR says:

October 26, 2016 at 3:28 am

Excellent write up!

I have one point I slightly disagree with, Skype auditing. Having experienced personally and successfully. BUT I totally understand, underlined and all caps, the need for Standard Tech and it’s application being done in person. The lower bridge is a most beautiful thing, no comparison to any other osphy or ism out there. The space created by PC & auditor with in tech application is pure magic.

But this post is not about the pros or cons of Skype auditing, I mainly wanted to share a cog, about the tech taking one from humanoid to OT., made me look at how the exact process, followed exactly brings about uniform results and that how other forms and applications are open to interference, which can lead to a lack if wins. That being said, LRH stated, (not exact quote) the only reason an org or person fails is for lack of results.

Ok, long winded, thank you for reading, very happy for all you standard on tech auditors out there. MUCH ARC~

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Jim Logan says:

October 26, 2016 at 10:14 am


IF “skype” auditing was 100% workable it would be part of Standard Tech.

The means to explore it were available at Saint Hill with closed circuit TV cameras, headphones, microphones etc. Was it done to success? If it was used, did it work on all cases? Is it the standard, the DEFINITE level or degree of quality adequate and proper for the specific purpose?

Flatly, no.

That you got a win, that the person using this method got a win on you, doesn’t mean that this is going to work in all cases. That’s the difference and the achievement of Standard Tech. There are uncountable this and thats that came and went in the study and accomplishment of getting THE route. None of them were retained if they didn’t produce the consistent results that lead out.

Numerous times in the study of Scientology Ron found auditors who got a “win” on some process or other that thereafter cursed them as they tried it on every other person.

Skype auditing didn’t and doesn’t make the cut. Maybe you got away with it, once. Maybe again, but if you want the actual, full, real gains of Scientology then I’d recommend the real stuff. That is the tried, tested, workable road to truth, the full, nothing but and actual, truth.

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Independent Scientology Milestone Two rejects Skype Auditing and other practices

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