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Entities Constantly Affect Your Behavior, Health, and Personality

Entities Constantly Affect Your Behavior, Health, and Personality.

As explained below, the Scientology OT levels are very dangerous because, "Entities do not like being scraped off."

Post-Scientology Spiritual Rescue Technology - Workable Technology: Spiritual Rescue Technology Axiom Zero

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My latest discovery will probably make you laugh because it is so obvious that many of us have almost overlooked it.

I realized this morning there is an axiom that underlies all of the other axioms and if a person does not get this, he or she will think SRT is wonderful but will keep looking for other solutions to handle the really “difficult” problems like migraines, PMS, cheating husbands, illnesses, hangnails, etc., etc.

That discovery is SRT Axiom Zero:


Constantly is the operative word. It means that entities are affecting you 24/7 whether you are awake or dreaming.

When your entities are happy, they cheer you up and can help you achieve great things with very little effort..

When they get keyed in, they drag you down, sometimes all the way to despair. They can change with no warning and you can go from feeling great to feeling sick and tired in less than an hour.

When you have your spiritual team in good shape, they will pick up on incoming threats and you will not be blindsided as long as you listen to their warnings.

You do not have to be responsible for external events, but you can be responsible for your reaction to them.

For those of you who do not instantly see the implications of SRT Axiom Zero, I will explain it in detail.

This means what it says: Entities constantly affect your behavior, health, and personality.

See my numbered comments.

1. Entities are the spiritual beings who surround you at all times. They may have been with you for centuries or longer or you may have picked them up at the funeral home you just visited to pay respects to a departed friend. They may even be the spirits of your dead spouse or parents who still feel they have to look after you.

2. Constantly means what you think it means. There is never a moment that you are not affected by the entities who surround you. If you can harness their abilities, you will operate at a very high level. If you are fighting your entities, life can be very difficult.


Now you can either decide to be the effect of all these entities, or you can decide to manage them for your benefit. SRT has all of the tools you will need to help your entities contribute to your welfare or to set them free to create independent lives of their own.

The entities who surround you can be a resource or a nightmare depending on how you treat them.

If you foolishly try to get rid of the entities who surround you, you might end up like too many Scientologists who have tried this, sick and miserable due to the counter intentions of unhappy spiritual entities. Entities do not like being scraped off.

SRT will give you the tools you need to create a better existence for you and for your entities.

David St Lawrence

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Entities Constantly Affect Your Behavior, Health, and Personality

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