mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Could People Be Held In The Bunkers?

Watching the fly over drone footage on Tony Ortega's site I keep wondering.

Could folks be held in these underground bunkers against their will and no one know about it?

How could they escape? I have sold and installed access control on doors. With out the code - and without fire regulations being followed for escape access they would not be able to get out.

Would they want to escape? Could they be so beaten down they accept their status and are hoping for the day they improve and will be released.

Who would know? If their family and friends stop looking for them - or do not know where to look would anyone miss them? If someone had disconnected from you and would not communicate you would never know if they slipped into the void.

I know it is unlikely something like this could be kept secret - someone at some point would talk. The guards might bolt and tell all But who would they tell it to and who would listen and understand it as truth?

Ok back to reality and knowing that this could never ever happen. :confused2: :confused2:
Could People Be Held In The Bunkers?

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