mardi 4 octobre 2016

Star Wars Bar full of WOGs ?

Back in the day a ( then ) fellow ( barf ) scientologist said to me in all earnestness that " Being out among wogs makes me feel like I'm in a Stars Wars Bar ".

Now, as ( proudly ) a wog I look at a scientologists like they are the ones in a Stars Wars Bar.

These days my friends don't stare at one another or me with big saucer like eyes. Nor do my friends like they are on the path to saving WTF ever or even have a guru they worship.

Most of 'em drive decent cars instead of ride the bus or have a barely running beater, own a decent house instead of a group hour or couch surf, have a nice job & vacation outside the US while their kids go to college instead of living in poverty while they " chase the dragon ".

They drink wine, beer or hard booze - a few will even toke a joint every now & then, but, more likely edibles.

All these guys & gals seem so normal . . . . . now.

Oh, " chase the dragon " - isn't that what addicts do in the depths of their addictions ?
Star Wars Bar full of WOGs ?

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