jeudi 27 octobre 2016

Out for years - it's taken this long to post here

Hi All,

I've been reading ESMB and other sites for years now, but never got around to joining and posting my story. I've been thinking of posting for the last couple of days, and so here I am....

I'll get around to posting my full story soon, but for now here's a thumbnail sketch:

I got into Scn at around the age of 16, after getting a leaflet shoved into my hand about Dianetics, and subsequently buying the book. Did a couple of courses (the How to Achieve Effective Communication Course - a forerunner of the Success Through Communication Course), hesitated, left for about a year, then went back. I ended up joining staff and working in Div 6 briefly. I quickly got sick of the working conditions (living on £3.50 per week, which was more or less what I earned most weeks) and asked to route off. In response, I was asked to join the TTC (Tech. Training Corps) and train up to Grad V. I knew it was off policy, but I was there for the auditor training and auditing, so I went for it. Did up to Class 3 at St. Hill, then got ripped off of that to go to ITO (International Training Org) to train as a Key to Life Review Auditor. Finished up to class 4 there, and did KTL/LOC and the review auditor training. Got back to my org, and then left staff within a month or two. I stayed onlines (sort of) as a public after that, but then after a couple of years I decided to have a peek at the OT levels online, and showed them to some others in a similar situation to me (who were also doing the hokey cokey with respect to whether to stay onlines. I eventually got declared for this. I'll tell you what happened when I eventually decided to audit the OT levels myself at home in a later post....

A couple of random thoughts: (1) After getting off staff, I attended several events. I remember attending the "War is Over" event. When Miscavige issued the punchline, people were clapping and cheering. I remember thinking "what the hell has this got to do with spirituality? Tax exemption? Really?" It really got me thinking carefully about what I was doing in there.
(2) At one event in St. Hill, an old friend of mine who was in the SO proudly brought over a Class XII auditor to talk to me. I think he was expecting me to be in awe, and to sign up for some big service, or something. Instead, I went right down her throat. About how the Church was scamming people, didn't care about spiritual progress, all about the money, so many injustices, etc etc. I fully expected to be marched out of St. Hill. Instead, I was startled to see that the Class XII couldn't handle me. She had no idea how to respond to me. With hindsight, I suppose it was because, being from Flag, she must have seen many ludicrous cycles take place, in which people had been fleeced or whatever; she could probably see my point.

OK, that's a thumbnail sketch. There's a lot more detail, and I will try to tell my story bit by bit in another thread later.

Wilbur (not my real name).
Out for years - it's taken this long to post here

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