mercredi 5 octobre 2016

"Old" OT levels

RIP John

With all due respect - what does it mean when an Ex Scientologist calls someone an old "OTVII"?

Like "old" OT is less fucked up than "new" GAT I and GAT II OT? Seriously - this is so fascinating to me.

Does it have some sort of significance or did he have super powers that no other human being had...?

Does it mean that they are "homo novus"? ....

To me it means he, along with all of the Oat Tea's, were duped all the way up the Bridge to nowhere:yes:

I find it fascinating that old Scientologist's will introduce themselves that they are OT VII, FEBC, Grade VIII + III trained auditor and C/ it means something important and it has no meaning at all. They are really nothing and they wasted their life in the con called Scientology.

They can't even get work with those credentials. It is like getting a diploma on line from a con artist.

They are looking for acknowledgement that they are special and highly trained, I think.

The way Scientology really works - is the Younger Scientologist's run a "covert nullification and invalidation" on the Older Scientologist's until the Old ones fuck up and write to many KR's for the TECH changing and they are discarded w/o sorrow.

I have seen kids turn their parents and god parents in. VISCOUS little ass hats.

ALL of the OT's I have met are ass hats...walking around with big huge egos and they think they are better than others. There is absolutely nothing spiritual about them.

In fact - the younger OT's I have met are pretty fucked up as human beings. NO emotions. Can't even talk and carry a normal conversation.

Like it means anything except they chased a carrot that lead them to nowhere for a very long time.

Don't mean to sound cynical...but it is time to confront the truth.

If you did a lot of Scientology - you have been bamboozled.
"Old" OT levels

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