vendredi 28 octobre 2016

Weird Scientology ADD handling????

I was told recently by a person who hates Scientology with a passion about a weird Scientology practice that I have never heard of. Perhaps one of you have?

This ADD cure that was going on some 30 years ago, according to this person, involved waking the person up in the middle of the night, and taking them through the house and pointing out objects that had signs on them. Stuff like a clock would have a sign saying CLOCK, or a door would be labeled DOOR. Sort of like a life sized clay demo.

Any idea what the hell this was or if it was even a Scientology practice? I remember something vaguely like that, but I thought is was some sort of thing to train your kid to read, and I have never seen any red on white or green and white about it.

I was wondering if they did that in conjunction with a purif to run out Ritalan to break the ADD?

Weird Scientology ADD handling????

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