mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Narconon warning in Comics Curmudgeon

I routinely read a blog called the Comics Curmudgeon. It's a hilarious take on comic strips that run in U.S. newspapers. The 10/6/16 post on the blog contained mention of the Mary Worth comic strip where one character is struggling with an opiod addiction and his mother is all over his treatment, going to therapy sessions with him and the like.

On today's strip, his commentary contained the following:

Anyway, Iris, you should not be going to Narcotics Anonymous with him, because that pretty much breaks all the rules. Why not check out Nar-Anon instead, if you’re so keen on going to a meeting? That organization is specifically for the families and friends of those dealing with drug addiction. That name again is Nar-Anon. Not Narconon. Under no circumstances should you go to Narconon. No, wait, actually, it would be pretty hilarious if you went to Narconon. “Tommy, I know you’ve gotten a lot out of the Bible, so here are some more books with even more helpful tips!” [Hands him Dianetics, Battlefield Earth, and all ten volumes of the Misson Earth dekology]
Narconon warning in Comics Curmudgeon

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