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Terril Park & Speaking out Publicly


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I've spent 16 years promoting Tech outside COS. Best I know I've
had the most successful efforts at helping the FZ expand. For 12
of those years I averaged around 25 new contacts a month to
FZ forums and maybe 3 a month directly connecting to tech
terminals. Many of those who connected to FZ forums would at
some stage get connected to an auditor or someone for training.

Initially I expected CO$ to retaliate in some way but this never
really happened. Near the beginning of this period I set up a web
address with the word "Scientology" in it. Before I could do
anything I got a cease and desist letter from Helena Kobrin and
I then gave the web address to CO$. Set up a website with a non trademarked name and carried on. In more recent times during
this last year I was twice contacted by 3 OSAbots In a group
phone call. They were asking me to delete stuff about DM from
my website. My website has never mentioned him so it was a
bit puzzling. The second call they said it was the website that
gives contacts for those wanting to leave the SO. My phone
number is the contact for those in the UK. However its not my
website. In these calls they said if I didn't remove what they
wished they'd do so themselves in 15 minutes. Never happened.
They tried using tone 40 and told me they wanted no flashback
from me, and gave the vague threat that I knew what they
could do. I called them a bunch of clowns.

I also protested the orgs with London Anons, a fun bunch, for
7-8 years. Also gave a talk on COS and the FZ at INFORM's
25th anniversary at the London School of Economics which
they wanted to publish. This links to my paper and they quote
most of it. In general academics in the area of "New Religious
Movements" have been extremely uncritical with regard to
Scn. My paper is quite a few steps away from that. It is
chapter 13 available on this link.In fact apart from
introductions its the only chapter that can be linked to
from here.

I think it is very worthwhile to speak out about Scn if that
is what you want to do.

The not so subtle distinction on this thread is you're not an ex-$cientologist. You use protests and venues like ESMB to manipulatively promote $cientology for your never ending div 6 ksw cult recruitment crusade. See below:
Highly Commended

Terril Park (aka BB)

Terril Park is highly commended for his ongoing tireless efforts in bringing the Freezone and LRH technology to Anon and the world.

Terril carries out a never ending campaign to enlighten the anon group on the basics of the philosophy and technology and seeks to help them separate the technology out from the official church management and their draconian policies.

Despite being attacked on occasion and even banned from forums, Terril still continues to keep his TRs in and patiently and with compassion, pursue his work in bringing the philosophy and technology to anyone regardless of the consequences.

He has attended anon demonstrations and actively put the Freezone there as an alternative for the church, talking to people and explaining what the freezone and the philosophy and technology are and how they can be used.

Terril is to be highly commended and acknowledged for the outstanding work he has done.

Exec Council
for the
International Freezone Association

Fuck $cientology. :scnsucks:
Terril Park & Speaking out Publicly

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