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Video game Watch Dogs 2 Parodies Tom Cruise & Scientology

Video game Watch Dogs 2 Parodies Tom Cruise & Scientology.

Playstation Trophies: Watch Dogs 2 Parodies Tom Cruise & Scientology

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We recently had the opportunity to play Watch Dogs 2, and this time (instead of focusing on the free-play elements of the game like last time), we decided to tackle some of the game's story missions. Light spoilers abound from here on out.

We had the opportunity to play the game from the very start until about four hours in, and in that time we had full access to the early part of the story. The story missions are good fun - and incredibly varied - so we thought we'd show you how to tackle one of the earliest missions the game has on offer: taking down the New Dawn cult.

So in the video below, we take on a church that's suspiciously similar to the Church of Scientology, and go and 'audit' a famous action actor called Jimmy Siska. Check out our gameplay video below:

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Mobile and Apps: 'Watch Dogs 2': Church Of Scientology, Tom Cruise Parody In Game's Side Mission?

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Ubisoft may be inviting a bit of controversy with its upcoming game "Watch Dogs 2," especially from the Church of Scientology.

According to Polygon, the upcoming game will feature tons of side missions, and in one of these missions, protagonist Marcus Holloway is tasked to infiltrate an organization that closely resembles the Church of Scientology.

Marcus will also be speaking with one character within the organization which suspiciously sounds like one of the church's high profile members, "Mission Impossible" actor Tom Cruise.

In the video, Marcus and his Dedsec crew talk about fictional religious sect New Dawn taking down one of their videos, and Marcus would have to pretend to audit Jimmy Siska, New Dawn's high profile spokesperson.

During an interview with VentureBeat, Ubisoft's content director and "hacking consultant" Thomas Geffroyd talked about fictionalizing corporation names to be used in the game.

"I think it'll be pretty clear to everyone who we're emulating," Geffroyd said. "Some of the names will ring a bell."

Speaking about emulating the religious sect, Geffroyd said, "The False Prophets would be an example. It's inspired by Project Chanology, which was the first major Anonymous operation. It was a way to give them a little wink. But I promise you we have some pretty funky stuff in there."

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Video game Watch Dogs 2 Parodies Tom Cruise & Scientology

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