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Elizabeth Gale has left the Church of Scientology

Elizabeth Gale has left the Church of Scientology.

Mike Rinder has Elizabeth Gale's open letter, "Why I cut ties with my Scientologist mother." Elizabeth's letter and Mike's introduction are both long, well-written, thorough, and compulsory reading. The letter is excerpted only briefly below.

Mike Rinder: Letting Go — Out From “Under The Radar

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Why I Cut Ties With My Scientologist Mother

By Elizabeth Gale

Today I cut ties with my mother, the most dedicated Scientologist I know.

Why did I end our relationship? Because I was raised in the Church of Scientology. I was slated to be a third-generation Scientologist, if I hadn’t grown up and rejected it. I have grown tired of living under the constant emotional fear and threat that Scientology represents in my life. I am tired of the anvil of disconnection hanging over my head, having to tiptoe around my feeling and the ridiculous requirement to pretend Scientology is okay.

Today I ripped off the band-aid that’s been festering my entire life.


So today I say goodbye to anxiety, the fear, the threat of losing my family. Because I have a true family that I will never abandon, and I will never choose religion or dogma over. What I have given up today is a mother who has learned how to love from the Church of Scientology – a type of love that can be taken away at any moment. A type of love that is contingent upon keeping quiet about Scientology’s abuses. Now that I have been free to learn about other religions and ways of life outside the thought constraints of the church, I know this is not what real love is.

‘Aint nobody got time for that.

So today I say goodbye to the spiritual extortion. I say goodbye to threats, to silencing, to censoring and to ruling with fear. I don’t blame my mother for these things, but she is still playing the Scientology game and I want out.

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Elizabeth Gale has left the Church of Scientology

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