mardi 18 octobre 2016

How to Rehab a Scientologist's Doubt CONTEST - winner gets $100 or more.

Okay SP's...let's play a game! Come on out of apathy and have some theta fun, okay?

Rehab the DOUBT for any Scientologist.

Come up with a Short little Slogan that if your loved ones in Scientology saw it - they would

1. Just have to look at the internet
2. Buy every book written by every SP critical to Scientology and/or Watch "Going Clear" and other documentaries written about the Suppressive Organization disguised as a "relgion"
3. LEAVE Scientology and never look back.
4. BLOW Scientology staff or Sea Org.

Are you ready to start?

Okay good! START!!

I will personally give $100 - anyone else willing to contribute to the motion. We can publish a book for Ex Scientologist's who can email, mail or just say a few words to get their loved ones in doubt - OUT!

If their loved ones just got back from FLAG, ASHO (Ass Hole) or AOLA (A-Hole) and have been freshly brain washed to "believe" Scientology works again - these handy little slogan's will rehab their doubt and possibly get them out...

In 10 words or less...(the less the better)

We will pay you $100 CASH for coming up with the most powerful Slogan to get Scientologist's to LOOK at the internet about Scientology, get them to doubt and not participate any longer or BLOW!
How to Rehab a Scientologist's Doubt CONTEST - winner gets $100 or more.

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