vendredi 7 octobre 2016

Judge Steven Shreder rules for parties rep by firm that employ his wife [Scientology]

United States Magistrate Judge Steven Shreder rules for defendants represented by law firm that employs his wife. [Scientology and Narconon relalated].

Tony Ortega: What’s the worst that can happen when you sue Scientology? Here’s one frightening example.

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It’s the kind of nightmare courtroom scenario that keeps all but a few lawyers from going near litigation with the Church of Scientology.

On August 26, a woman who for two years has been suing numerous Scientology-connected people and entities was ordered by a federal district court to turn over the entire contents of her personal laptop hard drive to the people she was suing.

Everything on her hard drive. Her personal emails with her own attorneys. Emails to her family members. Her personal photographs. Her personal medical records. Even photographs of her breasts that she had taken to document her fight against breast cancer.

Gigabytes of intensely personal information and photos and passcodes, all handed over by a federal magistrate judge to the attorneys representing Scientology’s entities.

And only after that ruling was made did the woman’s attorneys learn a barely believable additional detail. The judge who made that ruling? Before he became a judge in 2003, he had worked for the very law firm he turned the woman’s laptop over to, a law firm where his wife still works to this day.


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Judge Steven Shreder rules for parties rep by firm that employ his wife [Scientology]

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