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Inside Britain’s only Scientologist school (re Scientology)

Inside Britain’s only Scientologist school (re Scientology).

Faith Schoolers Anonymous is run by the British Humanist Association. The article is about Greenfields School.

This is a very good article. While excerpted briefly below, it is worth reading in full.

Faith Schoolers Anonymous: Inside Britain’s only Scientologist school

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Hubbard is also revered by the school as a great innovator in education. The methods of ‘study technology’ are praised as being the USP of the school, which claims: ‘applied standardly, Study Technology produces remarkable improvements in a student’s ability’. In actual fact, the latest available results show that only 63% of students at Greenfields attained five good GCSES (A*-C), well below the results for the average private school and below the results achieved by the local comprehensive in the area too. Where ‘study technology’ has been employed elsewhere at schools around the world, it has been the subject of complaints from both parents and teachers.

The more the story is dissected, the more intruiging it becomes. A report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate found that just eight of its 101 students were in sixth form. The reason for this is explained by Fred, a former student who left Greenfields in 2008, who said that ‘Most of them left once they had done their GCSEs’, adding that some leave even before their GCSEs are completed. By ‘left’ he doesn’t simply mean they went to different schools or moved on to sixth form colleges – he was referring to students being transferred to America, not to study but to enrol on Sea Org (the secretive arm of Scientology which is described as ‘the church’s equivalent of a religious order’ and has been the subject of some of the more controversial allegations made about the church).

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Inside Britain’s only Scientologist school (re Scientology)

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