mercredi 26 octobre 2016


I have acheived the power of satan , all I did was go to the store and buy some for a couple of dollars , I should mention it was chicken seitan and not actual satan because the bible is rubbish as is scintlgy's codswallop,

Because we are all composed of matter/energy and also therefore occupy space , consumption and digestion of the chicken seitan has given me powers .....
the powers of ET ... extra tartar sauce and pork loins with mint garnish

maybe satan is thetan ... i don't see why not...

unfortunately chicken seitan is partially gluten and I am gluten intolerant and so my powers will not last because I will likely fall into a deep lethargy in any case should I diy tell my family i lov them

here's to you , from the other side

according to my experiences with devoted heretics and fanatics, under sientology law , this thread falls under the category of joking but not degrading which cool right?

suggestion: make a subcategory in the forums for making fun of scientology

my needle is floating :DD

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