jeudi 1 septembre 2016

OT Saves the day!!!


The Latest: Hurricane Hermine nears northwest Florida coast
Today Clearwater breathes sigh of relief as local OT 7 successfully solo audited Hurricane Hermione and thus it dodged the threatened city. The plucky solo auditor was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times: "Luckily I still had my Standard Tech Red Quantum 7 meter. My other meter was up at Gold, so I pulled out old Red, and saved the day." Sadly, the solo auditor was sent to cramming via ethics for using a squirrel meter. He said that he would be setting up a GoFundMe page to buy a second meter, per standard tech. "There is no substitute for standard tech" he responded to your reporters query as he scraped barnacles off the pilings supporting the Sand Castle restaurant's dock side dining area, neck deep in freezing water. Hopefully he will get the needed signatures on his Liability petition, so he can make a dono to the IAS, and be restored to good standing.


Old Red

The deflected Hurricane
OT Saves the day!!!

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