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Why did Marty Rathbun delete a post accusing Klaus Buchele of being an OSA Agent?

Why did Mark "Marty" Rathbun delete a post accusing Klaus Buchele of being a Scientology OSA Agent?

The following was researched and first presented by Marc Plummer on the Facebook group SPs R Us:

As preserved by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the January 10, 2012 article by Mark "Marty" Rathbun entitled "Operation Klaus" states:


Operation Klaus

Posted on January 10, 2012 by martyrathbun09 | 408 Comments

Klaus Buchele, of Dunedin Florida, is a confirmed, card-carrying intel agent of Office of Special Affairs (OSA, the dirty tricks and propaganda branch of corporate Scientology).

Klaus has been on mission orders directly from OSA Int since late 2009. For eighteen months he and OSA carried out a very elaborate, expensive and convincing (to the untrained) program to make a plausible cover for himself and attempt to infiltrate my home and compromise the independent movement. The plan was activated on the heels of my having recognized and cut off advances by the last former OSA Int staff member OSA attempted to run in on me, Andy Hutton of England.

Buchele left OSA Int in the late nineties. As was often done with former OSA staff with Intel experience he was employed by David Morse and Associates (insurance adjustment/investigation firm) in Glendale, California. OSA has had a working relationship with Morse and Associates since the eighties. The line between OSA and Morse and Associates became blurred during the nineties as the agency was literally taken over by several former Guardian’s Office intel heavy weights, including Henning Heldt (former D/Guardian US, convicted felon), Duke Snider (Former D/Guardian Intel US, convicted felon), and Chuck Ohl (Former Guardians Office Intel officer saved from conviction by extensive cover up). Morse and Associates has served as a safe house to employ and let the statute-of-limitations blow over for several former Guardian’s Office and Office of Special Affairs operatives. Note: David Morse himself is likely somewhat oblivious to this since he sold his rights to the Guardian’s Office troika above many years ago.

Buchele first attempted to befriend me in late 2009 expressing grave concerns that I had spoken to the media. He had a much “better idea” (as did Hutton); he tried to re-direct me toward an intelligence op take over of the corporate church of Scientology. When I rebuffed Buchele’s advances, I subsequently learned he burned or attempted to burn some very effective Independents.

In early 2010, Buchele obtained the real identity of once-famous poster here “OTDT”. Buchele did so based upon false representations that he was friends and was working with Mike Rinder and me. Within a week of Buchele learning OTDT’s identity, OTDT was viciously and immorally attacked by Office of Special Affairs. OTDT shortly after decided the harassment was not worth the pleasure of his contributions to this blog.

I subsequently learned that Buchele attempted the same operation against the founder and operator of A perusal of that link will tell you rather rapidly why that person has been near the top of David Miscavige’s hit list for some time. Again, I learned that Buchele was using the false representation that he was friends with and worked with Mike Rinder and me. Buchele failed in that mission.

More recently, Buchele was activated to infiltrate a German documentarian who for the past year has been working on a one hour film on OSA operations for German and French television.

Most recently, and the final straw in motivating this posting, Buchele was activiated with a number of other former staff by OSA to infiltrate Debbie Cook and rendered her ruined.

All of these facts can and will be confirmed by Mike Rinder, who was integral in helping to spot and document Buchele’s activities and status.

I’ll give you a little antecdote about Operation Klaus to give you an idea of how treacherous David Miscavige has gotten in his desperation to stop the Independent movement. Buchele attempted to recruit me to serve as an expert witness against Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in a lawsuit brought, or being prepared, against them by a former teacher at the school they had set up. Upon investigation I learned that the lawsuit was an attack on Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith for utilizing the Study Technology of L Ron Hubbard. I declined that advance, explaining to Buchele and the former teacher’s attorney that I applaud Will and Jada for utilizing Study Tech and would do nothing to make them suffer for doing so.

This is called agent provocateur activity. The agent infiltrates and influences the target to engage in activity that could either get the latter prosecuted or discredited. Not since the days of J Edgar Hoover have I heard of a more nefarious agent provocateur double-cross, where someone (Miscavige) is willing to directly harm an presumptive ally (Will Smith and Jada) out of lust for discrediting the target.

It doesn’t get any sicker than that.


The January 10, 2012 "Operation Klaus" page now shows:

Why did Marty Rathbun delete a post accusing Klaus Buchele of being an OSA Agent?

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