mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Newbie...Husband recently involved in Sterling Management...HELP!

Hi; I need some immediate advice. I stumbled upon your message board while doing an internet search on Sterling Management in Glendale, CA after my husband just returned from a 10 day seminar. I am a 47 yo married woman with 2 children, 18 & 12, and my husband is a 50 year old CPA, who owns a successful CPA firm. He is a workaholic and it has impacted our marriage greatly, so when he mentioned that he had contacted this company (after receiving several mailings and a DVD) to help manage his firm (which would in turn allow him to have more family time), I thought it was a positive thing and might be a step towards saving our marriage. HOWEVER, the more I learn about Sterling online, I am FREAKING OUT.

A little relevant background: K has a history of looking for the magical cure. During our marriage, he has been involved in a pyramid scheme ($1000) that he didn't tell me about and also took $50K out of our retirement in 2010, also against my wishes, to invest in a local water bottling business and lost that was well. In March of 2015, he lost his brother at age 52 to a horrific battle with colon cancer and we started marital counseling in 2/2016.

We are in the process of separating, due to the fact that I thought he was hiding something from me and not fully participating in the marital counseling. I thought it was another woman, but now I'm beginning to think it is this Sterling stuff. All his employees had to take personality tests and submit them, and I was asked to as well. He really wouldnt elaborate on the results, other than to say that we are both good people, but that I am VERY unhappy.

I am in the process of contacting an attorney, but it has been difficult because we live in a very small town and almost all have professional ties to him and cite a conflict. Please advise! I still plan on going thru with the separation for my own protection as well as my children's, but I love my husband...and even more, I am concerned for his mental health and him as a person. If he lost his business, it would absolutely crush him.

Thank you for any advice you can offer me.
Newbie...Husband recently involved in Sterling Management...HELP!

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