lundi 12 septembre 2016

Spoliers***My Scientology Movie*** Look away now

I hope the thread title is warning enough for those wanting to avoid spoilers.

I'm not going to give a recap of the movie, only the points I thought were interesting or important.

The first thing of interest was when Marty put Louis on the meter. It's hard to say what was done in editing but from my perspective, Marty doesn't read a meter properly. (I can see the eye rolls already!!) But seriously, it didn't affect the movie at all, but for me it felt weird that Marty would miss a read & take up a random Fall. I guess I feel like if you are gunna demonstrate something, something in which I believe Marty still believes has validity (auditing), you'd do it properly.

Second thing was Marty's overall demeanor. He puts out this "don't fuck with me" vibe ALL THE TIME. Mark Headley, Jeff Hawkins and the others involved were calm, engaging & easy to talk to. Marty not so much.

Third thing was the interview with Jeff Hawkins. I have SO much respect for him and I trust him. He believes Marty is hiding information. I doubt Jeff would say something like that lightly.

Fourth thing was Mark Headley talking about how Marty was in a session with him where he was being interrogated. Marty takes him outside the auditing room & punches him right in the face and says "tell her what she wants to hear". Later Louis asks Marty how it felt to hit Mark Headley. I was expecting something from him. Some kind of remorse. Anything. All he said was that it hurt his hand because Mark is built like a brick wall (or something along those lines).

Lastly, and this was a biggie for me...Marty is getting more & more agitated. They were in the film studio (a garage by the looks of it) and Marty walks out into the street. Two Scieno dirtbags walk up to Marty & start harassing him. One of them says something like "the money you make from the BBC plus foster payments is how you make money". Yeah disgusting right. Marty was really shaken up by it. He was upset that they had bought his son into it. "It was a legal adoption!" he said. Then he said he was "out" I think meaning he wanted no further part in the film. Louis sympathised with him and agreed that it was awful to be treated that way by the Scientologists, but then he says to Marty "you would have done similar things to people while in Scientology". Well Marty lost his shit. He told Louis to get fucked numerous times and said he never bought children into his actions while in the church. But he was super defensive & kept telling Louis to get fucked. After a few seconds Louis said "I consider myself fucked".

This was important & telling to me. Early on in the film Marty took (what looked like to me anyway) great pride in telling Louis he was the "biggest & baddest" guy in Scientology. He was drilling Louis and the actors on TRs early in the film and made a point of how important bullbait was. This guy audited Tom Cruise right? Surely he has flawless TRs. The Scieno scumbags who came past were just bullbaiting him. Yes it was nasty, but it wasn't threatening. His son was not in danger. It was some nasty words. Then when Louis intimates that Marty would have done similar things he fucking lost it. If I was still in I'd be calling a massive missed withhold. In wog language I's say he looked guilty as hell.

Louis did a good job. Overall the film should be renamed "Louis Theroux's look at Scientology through the eyes of Marty Rathbun". The film was far more about Marty than anything else.
Spoliers***My Scientology Movie*** Look away now

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