vendredi 9 septembre 2016

Notes from the Peanut Gallery

She came up at me, furious look on her face, right up into my face and said "How DARE you take me off post for more of your out ethics crap!!!"
I was astounded. I had no idea what I had done this time. She marched me down from the fourth floor of, what was at the time, ITO - International Training Org - but was physically located in what is currently AOLA, towards the main level. As she dragged me down the stairs, I asked her where we were going. "To security, where do you think?".
I wondered if I would be kicked out. That is where everyone who gets to leave goes first. Only I was 11 years old. I was a little scared to be on my own in the world. I secretly hoped I would be able to at least see my brother one more time before I was sent out on the street to be on my own.
"Why security?".
Mom: "Because another kid reported someone touching her, and that you had been around that same man. They want to know what you DID!!!!"
I was shaking. I remembered that he had offered both of us a ride, and I got out earlier than she. I knew I should have dragged the other girl out of the car. But I did not. I had no idea what happened to her that afternoon. I still don't know to this day.
The room they put me in had windows on all sides of it. I could see everything going on in security.
My mom was seated in front of me. Now she was acting nice and trying to get me to talk. I could not say a word. I felt tears welling up. No, I cannot cry. I am not a child. I am an immortal being. These emotions are not mine. If I tell, I will be in ethics trouble forever. I cannot let on that anything happened.
As I thought these things in my head, my mother is trying to ask me questions about my relationship with this man (who was around 40, I think). I kept shaking my head and looking down.
She said, "look at me". I did.
Standing behind her was the man.
Handcuffed, with police talking to security. He saw me. He pleaded with me to keep quiet. You could see him begging.
Did anyone see that he was trying to communicate to me?
I looked away. But then my mom wanted me to look up at her. And there he was, through the glass behind her, still pleading.
Then he glared.
And I remembered the threats.
To be continued.....
Notes from the Peanut Gallery

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