mercredi 21 septembre 2016

$cn duping the Boy Scouts with Drug "education"

If anyone has links to Boy Scouts, you might want to make sure they know that the great free drug education kits they got from the Foundation for a Drug Free World are actually from Scientology!

FEBRUARY 18, 2016
[h=Attention Boy Scout Leaders: Foundation For a Drug Free World Kits]2[/h] COMMUNICATIONS
The Foundation for a Drug Free World has provided a kit to every Boy Scout troop to assist with Scouts completing requirement 9A for the second class rank.
The kits were distributed through the February roundtables. If you were not in attendance, contact your district executive to make arrangements to obtain the material.
The national office of the Boy Scouts of America does not have a memorandum of understanding with this organization, but has empowered local councils to share the information with local troops. The Patriots’ Path Council is making no recommendation on the material, but is making it available for your use, if you find it helpful in delivering your program.
$cn duping the Boy Scouts with Drug "education"

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