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Buddhafield cult and similarities to Scientology cult

I just watched a documentary film about a California cult entitled "Holy Hell" that was shown on CNN this week. Here's a couple of select quotes quote from this link:


Imagine spending over 20 years of your life following a seemingly benevolent spiritual leader and then discovering that almost everything you knew about this person was a lie. That’s the premise of the fascinating and chilling new documentary Holy Hell, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival on Monday afternoon - a screening where you could hear the movie’s subjects shedding tears as the happiest and saddest moments of their lives flashed before them.

In 1985, Will Allen became a member of The Buddha Field, a Los Angeles area spiritual group that most would have considered a cult even then. In fact, the members openly joked about it. A recent film school graduate, Allen began to chronicle the group’s activities that centered on their leader, a mysterious individual they called The Teacher, or Michel. This incredible archive of video footage became the basis for Allen’s film...snip

Rhadia Gleiss was one former Buddha Tribe member who took part in the post-screening Q&A. Even after the shocking revelations in the film, her remarks stunned those in attendance.

"There were three people, including my best friend, who was asked to have me killed,” Gleiss says. “And when I came out I lost everything. I lost my house. I went bankrupt. I lost 150 of my closest friends and family. They demonised me and left me alone and deserted.”

She didn’t abandon them, however: “I can forgive every single person who was involved,” she said. “Including the people who are still there because I get it."

In 2007, members of the cult finally learned the secrets that many of their brothers and sisters had kept quiet for decades. There were revelations about Andreas’s personal life – that he was at one time a gay porn star and failed movie actor – but that paled in comparison to his real misdeeds. A registered hypnotherapist, Andreas had forced younger male members – including straight ones – to have sex with him for years on end. He insisted that female members have abortions.

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I was fascinated watching this documentary. The similarities to our beloved cult Scinetolgoy blew my mind just as in every other cult I've read about.
Buddhafield cult and similarities to Scientology cult

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