vendredi 16 septembre 2016

4400 tv show totally mocks scientology

Has this been posted already, I searched and couldn't find it... anyway.

The TV show 4400 totally poked fun at scientology/cults/aliens

Basically 4400 people disappear from earth, return much later and haven't aged, they each have different super powers.

They form a cult called "the center" where they pay to be members and go up a caste system with levels, or volunteer to work there.

They sell jewelry with their logos on it.

Wogs can join "the center" too, but they complain because they have to pay more and the 4400 individuals who get to level up free since they have actual abilities.

Management decides to continue delivering classes that they know produce no results just because it's making profit.

Some of the wogs/government fight w/ the 4400

Might be more similarities I haven't finished watching it.
4400 tv show totally mocks scientology

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