mardi 13 septembre 2016

Your personal experience for the youth!

My name is Skye. I'm am 16 and live in the UK. In the UK we have something called the EPQ- a project which is equivalent to half of a qualification. We could do it about anything and everything, so I have decided to do it on the Church of Scientology. It's always been an interesting topic for me, with the ambiguity of what daily activities the Church entails, to whether the accounted terrible experiences within the system are just sensationalised for national television.

So, if it okay, for willing participants could please message if you are comfortable to answer these questions:

- When did you join the church? When did you leave?
- What attracted you in the first place?
- Then explain what was good at first and why, how you started to notice red flags and why you noticed them.
- What was the triggering point?
-What backlash did you receive? Did the Church give you a punishment or did you run away and never come back?
- What was life like after the Church?
- How was the experience changed you as a person?
- What general advice would you give to young people today?
- Any other information you would be comfortable saying and any pictures you would feel comfortable giving to me, to supplement your story.
Preferably I would like to video interview, but seeing as I love in the UK, that is unlikely. So audio recording or transcript will do.
Please message me for more information.
Your personal experience for the youth!

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