mercredi 14 septembre 2016

The real reason for Ideal Orgs??????

This “Ideal Org” scam has played on my mind for some time.

Miscavige may be a jumped up little dictator and a nasty piece of work, but with the money and power he’s got he ain’t stupid.

Scamology may still be falsifying their stats and pretending to their flock that they are doubling this, 4X ing that and having “unprecedented expansion” with something else. All, of course, utter bollocks.

However, Miscavige will know, (and he’s probably the only one who does), what the REAL income is on a worldwide basis. This, as we all know, is almost certainly taking a dive, and has been for some years. The number of people who can contribute sizeable chunks of money are dwindling. Most simply DO NOT have any more to give!

Now, Scamology is still a very wealthy organisation, but it’s worldwide income must now be a fraction of what it used to be.

Here’s my conspiracy theory:

Miscavige decides on one last money making venture. Get the long suffering public to buy their orgs properties (real estate) which then end up being church owned. A total scam but people have been falling for it………

What’s the church then going to do with all this property?
Maybe sell it and make millions out of it all? Lets face it, even a run down property is still worth a lot, even if it’s just for the land that it occupies.

What then happens to all these millions? Into Miscaviges back pocket and off he goes to some remote place?
Hubbard managed it. Many high ranking Nazi officers managed it after the Second World War. What’s to stop Miscavige from doing it?
The real reason for Ideal Orgs??????

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