mardi 6 septembre 2016

Hello, I'm finally here

I was sucked in to it all when living in the Dallas area in 1993. I fell for the "join staff and receive your training/auditing free" pitch. Married with two youngsters, I thought my instant Cope Officer role would be what I needed to get back into the workforce. The experience was both captivating and unsettling. My husband yanked me out by leaving his job and insisting we move back out of state to our home. I was lavishly coated in guilt and anxiously did the routing off. Though I took some of my one-year experience with me, it faded over time. Several moves later, and thanks to the Post Office's forwarding service, the church never left me alone. In 2011 I had gotten sick of the junk mail, and contacted their "mailing department", to be smugly condescended to NOT be removed from their list. My husband had passed, my children grown and gone, I moved once more, this time with no forwarding address, in hopes to ditch them. Here is where I am confessing what I really don't want to confess: a year and a half later, they contacted me by phone, totally controlled the conversation, messed with my logic and I bought in to the "New" program. Then they proceeded to manipulate my desires into paying my "freeloader" fee, purchase expensive services: the pre-requisite Purif and subsequent Survival RD, as well as buying the WHOLE congress/lecture/ACC's materials; with instant pressure to continue on irregardless of the fact that I have repeatedly told them I've emptied my retirement account. (Sorry, long sentence...)

I am still on their books as an active Scientologist, who needs to return for a tech assessment. I went in a few weeks ago to stop them from calling me to come in, but I'm done. I'm ashamed to admit to my children that I've spent my future security on this, and to admit to my now boyfriend that my "personal counseling" was the cost of a new car.

I'm here to get good information on how to stop the onslaught. I need peace.
Hello, I'm finally here

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