samedi 3 septembre 2016

Cultic Tactics

I don't think it's just the fringe or group aspect that really sets up my red flags on's how they treat you.

It's about power, coercion and control. Think of Elizabeth Smart, and other women and youngsters who are taken by pedophiles, predators and pimps. They get brainwashed. They hate living that way. Those who leave later say it was hell. Yet some of them don't leave when it would seem to us that they could have.

Their captors threaten them, beat them, rape them, alternate love bombing with abuse which is confusing as hell. They get them to collude and help capture and imprison new captives, making them complicit and enmiring them more deeply.

Certain cultures don't allow former captives back, claiming they were wrong, polluted- whatever. This makes it hard to get out as it seems like there's no place to find refuge. Governments and police forces help, but not enough. Sometimes those entities blame the captives.

Stockholm Syndrome is real. And it's not just "ARC". It contains twisted skewed viewpoints and fear.

What at is done to child soldiers, kids turned out by pimps, captives like Shawn Hornbeck- it's not that far off from what happens in religious cults. And that's why I appreciate it when people refer to da church's treatment of staff as "human trafficking". Because it is.
Cultic Tactics

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