lundi 26 septembre 2016

ESMBer has academic paper published

Just over 2 years ago I was asked to give a talk at Infom's 25th
anniversy conference. They also asked if they could publish it'.
Its just been published by them in "Cult Wars in historical
perspective" I leave the conclusion here and a PDF. There have
been a couple of minor edits not included here.



"In this essay, I have given some details of how COS is shrinking and why. Debbie Cook’s email appears to have had a strong impact on COS (Cook 2011). For example, Freedom Medal winner Wendy Honnor was inspired to leave COS by it (Rathbun 2012). The exodus of many South Africans from COS was influenced by Cook, as was the breakaway Israeli Mission Dror. Her email has most likely been seen by a large number of COS members because she asked that it be forwarded to others. In response, Miscavige initiated a lawsuit against Cook and her husband, but it backfired spectacularly, especially because Cook’s testimony was filmed by ABC television in the U. S. In her testimony, for example, she asserted that she “was put in a trash can, cold water poured over me, slapped, things like that. And it would—one time it went on for 12 hours” (Rathbun 2014). In addition to detailing what she went through, Cook also detailed indignities and violence visited upon others by Miscavige. The day after Cook testified, COS withdrew its lawsuit and a settlement was reached. Taken together, the evidence from Cook, Rinder, Rathbun, and many others points to a dramatic contraction of the COS. Course rooms which once used to have hundreds now have only a few. The COS seems no longer to bother with training auditors. Instead, the public is relentlessly pursued by a multitude of high pressure salespersons. In addition, almost every day media criticism of the COS can be found somewhere in the world. Far from prospering, the Church of Scientology appears to be in significant decline."

Church of Scientology and The Freezone .pdf
ESMBer has academic paper published

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