lundi 19 septembre 2016

Through the Wormhole, Terrorist Groups... similarity to Sea Org.

Hiiiiiiii! I know I have not been around much, life kind of blew up and has been very very busy, so much has happened, and so little has happened. Anyway, apologies for dropping the board for a few months. I will do my best to try to catch up!

On to the Subject. I was recently watching the Morgan Freeman show that is on the Science channel / Netflix.. It's called "Through the Worm Hole". REALLY FANTASTIC Show! When the show originally came out it was apparently pissing off a ton of Christians, because - Science. Anyway - The first episode of the new season focused on Terrorist Groups. "What makes a terrorist" It Originally Aired in Aug.

I can not recommend watching this highly enough to ex sea-org, and anyone else who may have interest. I sat there the whole time and just couldn't help but continue to make correlations between the subject matter of the show and indoctrination in the sea org.

Please if you are of a mind to, Humor me, and have a watch. It also had possible ways to bridge the gap between the radical and the real world or more 'peaceful' views. I wonder if it could apply to friends / family that are in?

(also I have to give a shout out the 'The Original Big Blue' was looking back at another thread and something you posted helped me a ton.)

Yours in the darkness.
- No one
Through the Wormhole, Terrorist Groups... similarity to Sea Org.

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