lundi 12 septembre 2016

Phone call freak out

Okay, I've seen posts on this board about long-gone SPs starting to get calls from the cult, even after a few phone number changes. And I've breathed a sigh of relief that they haven't tracked me down.

Well, something creepier just happened. In 1983 my ex-husband (Bob Bozo) and I were booted out of the kult. In 1986 we moved to another town. We divorced in 2005 and I took back my maiden name. I moved in with my boyfriend and in 2006 we married. His phone number is unlisted.

So I get a phone call on this unlisted phone and the caller asks for Bob Bozo. I was so startled I said he didn't live here and hung up (we get sooooo many junk phone calls that I'm automatically rude). The guy called BACK and asked again if this was the number of Bob Bozo who used to live at [a specific address censored]. And I'm nonplussed because yes, we used to live at that address... back in the early 70s. I told the guy it definitely wasn't and I didn't know the person, and hung up again.

The call back was a dead giveaway, but I googled the phone number anyway and - yeppers - it was the kult. Now I'm freaked out because it's a short jump to me and my husband wants to grab a gun and shoot someone because this number is unlisted and he despises my ex.

So crack a few jokes and cheer me up, willya?

Phone call freak out

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