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Illegal tracking methods - blow drills and finding exes people years later

The post below highlights an important area where the COfS has possibly been breaking the law, and possibly leaving a paper trail in doing so.

I thought I'd create this thread to have one place for this particular issue: the illegal use of resources to track people. To my knowledge, this issue has never been raised by any media organization and there has never been any legal action against Scientology because of this. Hopefully this will change.

Mark Headley, when he described the 'blow drill' at Hemet talks about the way Scientology uses a travel agency to access a booking system so that it locate and recapture people who have escaped from base. If anyone knows about the legality of this practice, or has any first hand knowledge of its use, please post in this thread.

As Big Blue has said below, ex staff members can be tracked with their Social Security numbers and credit card information. If anyone has any further information about this being done where they were on post, or if anyone has any specific information about the law or about anything else relating to this, please post in this thread.


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You're ex staff so they have both of your SS numbers and dates of birth. They can find you under any name anywhere and they can see prior addresses that you have used. The law requires that credit agencies give you a free report every year. Pull your report and look to see if anyone fishy has been running reports on you. If you apply for credit then those entities have a right to check your credit but if the Church has been running your credit then you may have grounds for filing charges.

We know they have used people with access to law enforcement level background search resources in the past so they may be able to conduct much more intrusive searches without leaving a footprint. So would they risk exposing those resources just to try to bring a dead CF File back to life?

This is an organization with well over a billion in assets and an religious obsession with tracking people...let me think.

Illegal tracking methods - blow drills and finding exes people years later

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