mardi 25 août 2015

Who thinks that OSA is watching this site? I don’t

I have noticed that many of you think that OSA sends in trolls to mess with people on this site. Personally I don’t think they do.

Some of you think that OSA monitors this site regularly to see who is their enemy. I think that is more likely than their sending in trolls, but I don't think they pay very much attention to us, if at all.

If OSA were on here constantly I think many of them would begin to defect like Magoo did.

Others think that there are regular Scientology public that look here and report back.

Again, I don’t think that is happening for pretty much the same reason. They don’t want public here for any reason, because it would make them more likely to want to leave and it would expose Miscavage.

And if a public Scientologist came looking on this site even to "help the church find enemies" they would be sec checked until their bank account bled. Who would take that chance?

What do you think? Who here thinks that OSA pays attention to this site? If so how much. Do you think they send in trolls to mess with us?If so why? What would be the benefit? Do you think public Scientologists are monitoring the boards to help the church?
Who thinks that OSA is watching this site? I don’t

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