dimanche 23 août 2015


I was first exposed to Scientology in the late 1980s. I was at a new chiropractic physician and the doctor that I was associating with Had been a Scientologist for many years. I started to take several courses at his behest and then eventually started getting auditing.

at some point while taking one of the courses, and during the time that I was yelling at an ashtray, it struck me how absurd this was Looney Toon organization was. However, the doctor that I was working with at the time seemed very invested and I decided to give it a try for a little while longer.

I was taking one of the courses which required a great deal of self study. At the same time, I was dating a beautiful young lady who had eventually become my wife. This was of course taking me away from my Scientology studies and I was not completing the course on time. When they ask me why, I told them that because I was spending time with my girlfriend who is not actually very much invested in Scientology and, had some serious reservations about it. When I explain this to them, they said they would "handle her". After hearing that comment I inform them that I was the only one that would be handling her. I decided after that that I was going to quit. I went in the org with the idea that I would have to do battle with somebody upon giving them that decision. As it turned out, I think they were happy to see me go because I ask so many questions and often made rather crude jokes at the expense of L Ron Hubbard. I think one of them had something to do with the fact it maybe didn't actually leave his body, as they claimed he did, but I had a heart attack due to his obesity and rotten teeth that had probably put bacteria into his blood and cause damage to the valves of this heart. Apparently, they did not see the humor in that comment.

in any case, I have read numerous books on Scientology and have become somewhat obsessed with seeing its destruction occur. had I been a weaker person, I think they would have tried to separate me from the young lady that I was dating at the time due to her non commitment and possible criticism of the cult.even after so many years, I think that is still resulted in a deep seeded resentment against them. Maybe I should see a psychiatrist As one last act of defiance against them . :-)

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