samedi 29 août 2015

dream auditing

I have been reading a Book called The Dream Game by Ann Faraday - in which she uses dreams as a form of self auditing, for lack of a more psych orientated term. In it, she councils how to keep logs of dreams, to understand the symbology and divine what the heart is telling the mind. I find it interesting, because while I view most of my dreams as some form of entertainment while sleeping, she uses them to work out life's problems.

And it makes me wonder: would the dreams tell her the same things if she weren't focused on that use of them? She gives many examples of dreams she and others have had, such as a woman who dreams of herself in the nude in a crowd, which portends her anxiety about an upcoming speaking engagement, or dreaming of a husband who won't talk to her - ending up in the person's actual divorce as she realized he's stifling her natural creativity.

This morning I dreamed ( as I have in several forms prior) that my son wouldn't take me to an appointment while my truck was being repaired, so I, in my usual impulsive manner of doing things, decided to take a bus. But being unable to wait for the damn thing to arrive, I started walking along the route hoping to make some progress before it arrived. At one point I was on an office chair rolling it along and in another, I found myself in a shallow lake chest deep in water as I crossed it in my journey to reach my goal. I finally woke up not having gotten to the end.

This, to some extent is my life - I am going somewhere, but where? So, should I enjoy the dream? or should I use it to analyze my deep seated desires - passions frustrations?


dream auditing

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