mercredi 5 août 2015

HELP! Need Cozumel beach info

I have been searching for days on things to do while in Cozumel. I believe we will do a snorkeling trip in the morning, but I have been looking and looking for something inexpensive to do in the afternoon. After paying for this cruise and what couple of port excursion we have already paid for, we're looking to keep cost down. ( Family of 4)

We have been on cruises before and usually its a beach walking distance to the ship. While in Grand Turk (I believe) it was a beautiful pool and beach right there.

Now I am trying to be prepared and have been combing CC and just hoping for some updating info and advice.

Are there any beaches/pools walking distance from the port ? (Royal caribbean international pier) What do you do if your not on an excursion all day?

I understand taxis are available , but we would have to get a taxi to the snorkeling spot and looking to not have so many taxi charges. Even with a taxi most beaches seem to charge fees.

I have looked into paradise beach after snorkeling, but they require a $10 pp food purchase plus I'm sure my kids would want the $15 fun pass
( which I know I don't HAVE to do) so thats another $40 - $70. :eek:

Are there any "free" beaches close to the downtown area ( where our snorkeling meet spot is?)

Or any low cost options you all have experienced while in Cozumel????

Thank you
HELP! Need Cozumel beach info

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