dimanche 30 août 2015

Blog about a visit to Stockholm org in 2014

My apologies if this was already posted, it's from 2014 but I just stumbled upon it. And it's in Swedish, and long, so I guess only the stubborn or the bored will run it through google translate. It's fun though. I will just give a couple of highlights.


It's written by a never-in, who had read a lot about Scn on the net and decided to make a field trip to the Cl V org in Stockholm.

His first observation is that it's strange that, unlike other congregations, they have settled on the outskirt of the outskirts, in an industrial area. Once he reached the address, he looked in vain for a sign, and finally had to call the phone number listed for the org. A woman came down to let him in, saying "it's so hard to find us, not even our friends do". :roflmao:

He kept playing dumb, obviously pretty successfully. The org was on the 5th floor. He noticed many colorful posters on the walls, and busts of Hubbard. On one wall was a large org board with seven copper plates ingraved with post titles, quite impressive. However, looking closely, he noticed that only 6 or 7 posts actually had a name listed to them.

[For reference, when I joined in early 1980's, before the mission holder purge, there were around 100 staff.]

They showed him around, let him watch some videos, take the OCA (he was depressed...) and he said thanks but I need to leave, and got a DVD to bring home. At this time, he noticed about 10 people on the whole floor. Most of them were middle-aged, a couple of seniors, a couple of 25-year olds and a 20-year old. (His comment: "How can a 20-year old be a member of the Church of Scientology? Or a 25-year old? I mean, there is the internet. All you have to do is google.")

Soon after, he got a letter asking if he wanted to come in for an auditing session. So on a Saturday afternoon, he went there again. He was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to try the e-meter, though and the auditing wasn't that much fun. There was a coffee/dining area where about twenty people were sitting, most of them middle-aged. He sat down there with the auditor, and someone who later turned out to be the ED, and the sales pitch begun. He asked for a price list, but they said they didn't have any. He got a few color broschures to take home. It doesn't sound like they won him over.
Blog about a visit to Stockholm org in 2014

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