vendredi 21 août 2015

people in Miss Lovely book

I am surprised how many of the people in the book I have known or met and had no idea of what they were up to - Jimmy mulligan, Jim Meisner, Charlie Batdorf, Len Zinberg, Jerry Levine, Artie Maren, come to mind.

I am reminded of this story that Hubbard would glowingly relate on his tapes, of the assassins that lived on a mountain, and how they were led to believe in the 70 virgins, and rivers of milk and honey that awaited in the after life. And how they would believe in a better life awaited them, and would go off on suicide missions to attack the sultan's enemies.

Good people, doing bad things for a cause they believed was for the greater good.

These people I have known were pawns in a terrible game played by a sick man.

people in Miss Lovely book

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