lundi 24 août 2015

Google provides a definition of Scientology

Google provides a definition of Scientology.

Mike Rinder: Scientology Internet Fail

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So. it must be a huge disappointment for COP to Google scientology and see this:

Google has started putting “definitions” when you search. And this one is a doozy.

The Church of Scientology is a rich and venegeful religious cult, or as one critic puts it, “a cross between the Moonies and the Mafia.” But is would be a mistake to dismiss its underlying technology as harmeless of ineffective.

And the second listed site (Wikipedia) has a pretty gnarly pull-quote that includes disconnection and Lisa McPherson. Wow.

Scientology’s disconnection policy, in which some members are required to shun friends or family members who are “antagonistic” to the Church. The death of a Scientologist Lisa McPherson while in the care of the church.

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Google provides a definition of Scientology

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