mercredi 5 août 2015

I don.t get it.

I have oBC but cannot use it on ship to pay for my dining options if I pre reserve ...i need to prepay
They expect prepayments .if i book on ship the price is higher disgusting ...why should it be more .....why can.t I pay the same price but choose the day on board and have the option to use my OBC ??if
I f i a restaurant on land the price stays the same ....i pay that night ...not so onNCL ....not right
Same with excursions ...prpay or up the price goes ..So tell me how do i get to use my OBC if i cannot reserve on line and pay on board ??Not fair how am I supposed to use my OBC
I do not need more tshirys or junk jeweleery
I am not pleased with all these changes and the upcharges
EVen with a dining packAge there are all kindsof upcharges
NCL please correct this or you will lose lts of customers

:(. :(. :(
I don.t get it.

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