mardi 25 août 2015

Have You Been Closet-Regged on ESMB?


Originally Posted by Leland View Post
Well...the lady, I've referred to....suggested a she had PMed me..and had mentioned that she would help me with my book reading it...and editing.

So, the call was actually a "business" call.

But as the call went on....she changed the topic a reg call , to interest me in getting with some auditor she knew.



Originally Posted by Veda View Post
You sent me the moniker and it was surprising to see. Makes one wonder how much closet regging is occurring, especially on new arrivals. I guess there's not much that can be done about that.

Of course, we have Terril who is overtly enthusiastic about the wonders of "LRH tech," and is celebrating his 50th year as a Scientologist, and who is a proud "LRH tech" disseminator, but this was someone who I would never suspect of regging for Scientology services.

We'll let it go at that. :)

Not necessarily. :)

Any others wish to state they've been closet-regged for Scientology services via ESMB? Don't state the person's name/handle.

By closet-regging I mean not openly by post on the board. Dunno if the open chat feature counts as open or closet. And we won't count those pests who advertise in their signatures. :biggrin:

Have You Been Closet-Regged on ESMB?

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