dimanche 23 août 2015

IRS Under Microscope After John Oliver Televangelism Segment

I found this article about the IRS and religious tax exempt status today. Here's some snippets.

John Oliver's scintillating HBO program Last Week Tonight has criticized everything from FIFA to government surveillance to the food industry. His latest segment which tackles televangelists who reap million of dollars from faithful followers, has some praying that the IRS will exercise, well, less faith when it comes to televangelist funds.

...The Trinity Foundation, an organization that probes religious fraud, holds that the wild success of televangelism has in part been fueled by the IRS failing to audit churches which are exempt from taxes due to the constitutional right to exercise religion freely.

...Trinity's founder, Ole Anthony, said that since the the IRS named the Church of Scientology several years ago, "anybody can call themselves a church".

Link to full article.

Lots of fun comments in the comments section some of which don't have nice things to say about scientology.

It's nice to know there are efforts to reign in the abuses of some "churches'" abuses of their tax exempt status. Let's hope these efforts gain some traction leading to the CofS's tax exempt revocation. :happydance:
IRS Under Microscope After John Oliver Televangelism Segment

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