mardi 25 août 2015

Sincere Newb, Troll, Lunatic or Gag? What Should We Do?

It's not like this hasn't come up before, but the Tigerv1, Tigerv2 and Tigerv3 Newb brings the subject fresh to the fore.

I would personally like some sort of procedure for the Newbs who jump in with an incredibly wild, supernatural story or similar. There doesn't seem to be any troubles dealing with the other Newbs.

IMHO, this is the most common, predictable roleplay OSA likes to use. It's been done dozens and dozens of times here and on WWP and goes something like this:

1) The Newb posts some shocking, incredible subject line in one or more respected, well-read categories, but never in the Newb introduction place, often something irresistibly funny.

2) The Newb refuses to talk privately about the hallucination/vision/wild occurrence.

3) The Newb shows no interest in professional counseling to address it.

4) The Newb provides no details of experience with Scn, where or how he arrived at these conclusions or any details of his past to indicate why he holds such odd beliefs and sidesteps any questions along this line.

5) The Newb is easily offended when there is no reason to be offended (yet)

5) With no grist or information to help the Newb and plenty of fodder for Scn jokes, the jokes begin.

6) We have fun joking. Some still try to address the Newb seriously, but now the Newb ignores the ones who aren't joking.

7) The Newb claims to be a victim of abuse and claims we are abusing a victim of abuse.

8) Newb says we are all mean and terrible and leaves.

Over and over and over again this scenario has played out on exscn and WWP, probably other sites as well. From a public view, it's not just to take up our time, but to make us look bad. It's a lose-lose situation. Either A) We seriously listen and act like the person is believable and appear as batty as him, or B) We point out the ridiculousness of such claims and we are mean.

Some may believe that Tigerv1,2,3 was a real person that really believed what he wrote, or that there was a chance of that. There were plenty of comments Tiger made that indicated otherwise, but suppose this were actually true?

I personally think referring a person like that to trauma and other professionals is the best course. Those that pointed out the irrationality of the fear may have actually lessened the reality of it to the person. To play along with a delusion of someone genuinely unhinged when you are not right there in front of them can be dangerous. There have been shootings and worse by unhinged people. Why play along like it is real and suck them into it further? How does that benefit them?

The alternate view is, of course, that it is just being kind and compassionate to listen to the person and not invalidate them. There's certainly some truth to that as well.

We need a procedure Why not? OSA has a role play procedure for the exscn sites. We can also have a role play procedure to shoot right back that doesn't offend any actual Newb that might accidentally use one of OSA's favourite Internet roleplays.

What do you think? How about our own group roleplay?

Members here can have key roles, i.e.,

THE SAINT: Panda can be the one that is always nice and always understanding and always believes the person is sincere because he does this easily on his own, anyway. If Panda is not around, someone else has to be the saint.

THE QUESTIONER: Persists in trying to get solid information from the Newb without offending him.

THE LOGICAL SKEPTIC: Points out how these irrational occurrences can be explained by natural phenomenon.

THE JOKER: Makes jokes about Scientology, but not directly about the person's visions/hallucinations/outrageous stories. Makes it clear if the person gets offended that he is joking about Scientology, not about the person or what they experienced.

THE GURU: Speaks in esoteric, cryptic, mystical short sentences (like Mystic used to do) Quotes spiritually enlightening things that nobody could ever understand that may be related, but then again, might not.

Any others?
Sincere Newb, Troll, Lunatic or Gag? What Should We Do?

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