vendredi 21 août 2015

Don't say that again

Same band, same song, 2 different versions: "Don't say that again". This song always creates a mixed bag of feelings in me: On one hand, it's a very happy, uplifting song, on the other hand it invokes deep sadness in me and grief about all the skills I have lost. Even a few years ago, I was able to play every single instrument in that song and nowadays, I'm having a hard time to get the bass basics right - let alone the other instruments. But still, the song is uplifting, inspiring and encouraging to me. So here are 2 versions of the song:

And yeah, I think the guitarist is handling the Strat-like guitar with its "yammer-hook" much better than the full-body semi-acoustic, which, BTW, is also an awesome instrument.
Don't say that again

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