mardi 25 août 2015

New member, long time kurker

I have never been associated with CoS in any way nor have I ever met anyone who has.

I have had a lifelong intense interest in what people believe and why they believe as they do.

I became aware of CoS in the early 1980's while on a visit to Clearwater, Florida where I had parked near the Fort Harrison Hotel. In the middle of the street I saw a group of young people assembled and wearing what appeared to be Navy cadet uniforms of some kind. They were being berated by an older plump woman with disheveled blond hair who wore what appeared to be an admiral's uniform from a stage production of H.M.S Pinafore complete with a thick gold-braided lanyard and brass buttons. The people assembled in formation seemed to cower and tremble as this woman screamed spittle-flecked insults toward them. It was truly a most bizzare sight.

I soon learned that this was the Church of Scientology Flag Land Base and the strangely uniformed people were practicing their religion.

I have been fascinated ever since with the doings of the CoS and devoted a great deal of time becoming informed through reading books, visiting websites, and following discussion boards such as this.
New member, long time kurker

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