samedi 27 août 2016

Slappy does Sydney again !!!

As reported by Mike Rinder a few days ago, the Drunken Maggot will be yanking His ribbon at Chatswood next Sunday (on Fathers Day - oh the irony given what His dad has written about Him) to open the "new" facility at Chatswood on Sydney's North Shore.:puke:

Personally I have something far more important to attend - my son's soccer team are playing their grand final that morning over the other side of the lake so sorry OSA but I won't be there. Thought I'd save you the trouble of having a "friend" ring me to ask how I'm doing, what am I up to, etc etc ad nauseum.:roflmao:

The actual event starts at 12 and the doors open at 10 for the Faithful to enter via Greville Street - the $5 mill bus stop STILL hasn't been completed so the cult will have to bus the sheeple in via Greville Street methinks. An excellent place for Placard Tech to be employed. If any Sydanons are lurking - it's over to you.:coolwink:

I know that the minions are still frantically trying to get everything done to get the place ready - good luck with your impossible deadlines, SO members. You might get to get some sleep after Slappy McSavage gets back on His private jet to jump the Pacific to "home." :bigcry:

I do know that there is quite a scramble to get peeps to show up for this event - someone who's been labelled as "badly disaffected" was being covertly sounded out just a few days ago to see if they were invite material.:dieslaughing:

Yes OSA ANZO, I still have peeps who contact me to tell me of your latest :footbullet::footbullet::footbullet:

It's a beautiful day here at home so the son and myself are going to work in the yard for the day. We've all just had a delightful breakfast cooked by Caz and the day beckons.


Enjoy the rest of your week trying to get Chatswood ready for the Diminutive Madman.:devil:
Slappy does Sydney again !!!

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